ive been told calenders dont sync automatically is this true?

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi! Jas1908 and welcome to the forum.
    Thank you for informing us about this serious situation. BDC has advised me to check my calendar after every reservation because a double booking may occur if a reservation is made the same time.
    Thanks for posting and have a nice weekend...

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    Hi thanks for the response so are we all experiencing this? has the automatic refreshing/ syncing now stopped as mine was fine all last year without me having to refresh all day long but according to BDC I now should do it 4 times a day which doesn't stop double booking. I did say to BDC that if I had hotels etc I would need to employ someone just to keep pressing refresh lol I did ask to speak to someone else but was told I couldn't and I was eventually cut off. So what now any idea who I can get in touch with even if only to get a conformation of this change as I was made out to be a liar I think.


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