One night Booking Extra Cleaning Fee

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    Rather than having an additional fee to pay...(how would they do it? Opt in or out??) Is there a way to just charge more on the room rate for one night bookings or add a 'one night supplement charge' to the reservation...Single night turnovers are obviously more labour intensive than longer stays so yes, worth putting an additional charge on it but I would imagine most people regard the cleaning side of it to be incorporated in the making it a single night supplement people then have the choice on whether to book or not....hope this helps!


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    My experience has been that unless guest stays extended period, they are not happy to pay cleaning fees. Will follow this post as I feel 1 night is indeed not worth linen and labour fees especially if you cannot ensure maximum occupancy.

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    Just increase your rates and then offer a discount for multiple nights. People prefer getting a discount than an extra fee.

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    Wonderful suggestion Kelvin - appreciate this tip!

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    Thank you guys for sharing you opinions. I think Kelvin's idea is actually a good one

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