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    Luxurious Lets

    I'd like to be able to rate guests. They sometimes decide they want to stay after reading reviews and that's great, but wouldn't it be great to know a little about guests before they stay? Some of my guests have been fantastic, respected the property and left it in an acceptable manner - wouldn't other owners like to know who they are? Unfortunately I've also had a couple of guest who have trashed the place - again, I'm sure other owners would like to know?

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    Diana Foster

    I would really like Booking.com to take the guest payment and then forward it to hosts (similar to AirBnB and others). Having a no deposit policy has not always worked for me.

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    Shirley Julich

    I would like to see this too, I have a stream of bookings and cancellations. I have not as yet had a no show, but I am always wondering if they are going to arrive. I think Booking.com guests make a booking and then try to find something better or cheaper. In the meantime they have the backup of the booking.

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    Helen Oehler

    I really do not like the fact that the main marketing feature of booking.com SA is "no deposit required" A deposit is vital in South Africa to confirm bookings as the number of cancellations and no shows is huge...And all in part because guests think they can book multiple places "just in case"  This has been told to me by a booking.com guest. In the meantime we lose income.


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    I would like to see Booking.com add a box that the guest has to check at the end of the booking process acknowledging that they accept policies and conditions.  This is an absolute requirement for online credit card purchasing.    On a side note to reply to the above, please keep in mind that guests actually expect to be charged when they make a reservation.  All the big hotels do it.  Take a deposit!  We take everything up front as our reservations are non-refundable.

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    Diana Foster

    Agree! Unfortunately bookng.com doesn't let me take payment up front and only have a few days to access credit card details. Means I have to print these details and then take payment  when guests arrive.  Several have not turned up, not let me know and then have blocked credit card payment, usually in peak tourist season so loss of income as could relet rooms if I had only known they were to be no shows and no payment.

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    howard argus

    I would like to see no anonymous bookings it benefits no one


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    I would like two different rating.review systems set up depending on what sort of establishment you're staying in; one for Hotel guests to use and a separate one for Bed and Breakfast guests. People blur the lines massively between the two and programmes on TV probably don't help.

    The scoring categories B.com have to rate us by are very ambiguous to say the least.

    'Services' for example: We run a B&B. We will give you a comfortable nights stay and breakfast in the morning. We fully describe our establishment on the site so there is no misleading information. Guests get clean linen, clean towels, tea/coffee tray, drawer space, hanging space, TV, free WiFi, face-wipes, flannels, soap, hairdryer, thermostated radiator and hot water bottles as well as free to use fans, iron & ironing board and extra heaters as required.

    Yet we get marked 2 or 3 out of 5??!!

    We state we don't have a reception or any common area's (apart from the breakfast room)

    Location: We've had 2 out of 5 before....We're opposite the beach in a (quiet) beach resort!!

    It's quite comical at times and I have to say don't lose any sleep over any of the reviews but a different rating system could quite easily be set up so we don't get marked down on things we wouldn't provide anyway.

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    It is quite comical; I agree Sonstbbs, but no matter what they do to the rating system at b.com you will always end up with those idiodic reviews because they are written by idiodic guests.  Unfortunately, I don't think THAT will change ever. LOL

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    I would like to see photo's when you have multiple apartments inside a building you own better explained to the possible guests.  I have a PH on top floor and thats our lead photos.  But people book a 2 bedroom on lower floors and then demand that they booked the roof top because there was a photo of this.  I don't like that they don't add the final cleaning in plain view of the the total.  i had more stupid fights over photos, security and final cleaning then any one person should ever have.

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    I would like to see booking.com add questions for customer about smoke habits!!! No non-smoker like to stay in rooms allowed smoke inside. With asking smoke habits in adavanced can help us better arrange our customers with rooms they like. Please help us with this! It’s really great help if you can make it comes true

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there, 

    Everyone has such interesting things they would like to add. It tickles me to see the many different opinions!

    At Reserve : Did you know you can Tag the photos to a specific room? So then the guest has no foot to stand on as it's literally tagged. 

    Myself, I would also like a beter way to communicate terms and conditions and resort rules to the guests. If they could add that into the policies section, instead of on the Fine Print, I would be severely happy. Most of the guests I've had never read the fine print, but Booking.com says I'm covered by it and it's not my fault if the guests don't read it. I still feel though that some issues can be solved by just having a Brief or Description pop up before the client confirms stating all the Booking rules ... which they need to Agree to in order to complete the booking. 

    Booking.com can of course first validate/check the information we request to be shown. 

    What I'd also Love on the portal is an easier way to put an Age restriction on Sofa beds in the lounge. I've read some posts where other partners also want to age restrict beds, so I'm not alone.

    Anyway, can't wait to see what everyone else says!

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    Villa Junona Croatia

    I think that BDC must NOT mention price in local currency. So often guests come and show me printscreen from BDC site where is price is printed  in Croatian kunas.

    In fact. I  do not know where BDC take those exchange rates that it uses to calculate prices to show to guests... That place surely is not Hrvatska Narodna Banka web-site. That´s why I always keep at the front desk today´s list of official  exchange rates and spend hours to explain people that BDC is not a bank and all figures at the site are just for information.

    The most interesting thing is - when I get invoices from BDC they uses completely different rates. 

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