Insist on Deposits or Cancel Quickly

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    Hi Gary and Lynne,

    Fully agree.

    Surely you could also only allow bookings with credit card, in which case you will avoid those false bookings? 

    Greetings from Hoedspruit :)

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    Victor Horing

    I'm having exactly this kind of problem. I want to allow only bookings with credit card, Holiday, but I can't find how to do this. Can someone help me?

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    Hi Victor,
    Maybe check your policy page on the extranet, or contact your account manager via the extranet-inbox. Needless to say, you need to be able to take cardless transactions with your credit card facility.

    good luck.

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    Thank you for your tip. I have been having difficulty with people cancelling and no show and when I go to process the card it is declined.

    So I will take your tip now and process at least 30% on receiving the booking if it is not honoured I'll probably cancel the booking myself, or at least message the guest to find out if there is a problem.


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    There is the button to "Mark Credit Card as invalid" on the reservation (on the extranet). will then ask the guests for new card details. If that hasn't been done a few days later, I would suggest to call the client and if that doesn't help there is also a button to "request to cancel the reservation". Be careful to cancel too quickly as the client could have made a mistake by accident. 


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    Gino Corneillie

    Well, this doesn't help me unfortunately, as I have a reservation made last night, who I assume is in a false name (probably) and fals phonenumber (for sure)

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    Hi Gino,

    The booking is for when? 

    If you cannot communicate with the client to get your deposit you can request to cancel the booking to open the date in your calendar again.

    Maybe the best is to call assistance, the number is on the extranet.




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