Technical Issues with copy/paste of messages

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    Hi Andi,

    Thanks for posting and sorry to hear you are facing technical issues. I’ve followed this up with the team at and they gave the following advice:

    As you tried many browsers already, it could also be a hardware issue (ie. a touchy mouse button). In any case, as a work around, you can go the the Print page and copy the messages from there (no need to actually print), as you can see in the image below.

    Don’t forget to share your experience with other partners :)

    Good luck with everything,

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    Hi Joanne

    Thank you for the work around but would you agree that it's more complicating than our copy/paste solution? It's NOT a problem of the hardware, as I once had an employee from the accommodation service on the phone and he confirmed that he experienced the same problems while we were testing on the phone.

    How about the programmers look into this issue and solve it? We can do copy/paste on every other website with the existing hard- and software, and even on the extranet of in all other sections than the guest messages, so for example in the reservation details.

    So the bug has to be found in the programming of the guest messages and not in the hard- or software as such.

    Best regards 


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