How to deny reservation with start date on Saturday and Sunday?

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    Andreas Mayr

    Sorry i don't know a solution but have a similar problem.

    Does anybody know how to set a restriction that guest can only select the checkin day on a specific day of the week? There is a solution on Airbnb but I can't find it with booking...

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    Just select the option that you do not want check ins in those days.In Channel manager is a normak option i dont know if you work with one or not.

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    Graham Fisher

    The answer to this was discovered on another thread... if you contact Bdc Customer Service an option can be added to your booking calendar "Block Arrivals/Block Departures" - you list the dates you do not want guests arriving or leaving and the system will block these dates, but allow guests to stay over on these dates.

    NB This Option does not appear to be widely known about - even by Bdc staff - so some persistence may be required, but I have successfully had it added to my listing, which is good news ;>))

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