Alert visitors that there may be renovation noise during the day

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    Graham Fisher

    I shall have the same problem later this year Info, repairs to the roof!

    My intention is to email each booking as soon as notification arrives and before I send out our Confirmation email - they will then be warned and have the opportunity to cancel if they wish.

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    I have a similar situation, the pool will be renovated. This may take 1.5 month. Luckily we have 1 apartment in this building only... I think I will reduce the price and upload a picture with some text like: "Attention! The pool will be closed from x - y for maintenance and some repairs. Fitness can be used as usual". Potential guests can see the info when looking at the photos and BEFORE they make a reservation. I will do that when renovation really starts as (especially in Thailand) you never know - they could start with it a month later or more too.

    It's just a bit tricky if someone does not speak or cannot read English... Another option could be to place the info in the apartment's profile - but I am not sure if bookers really read that as it is placed quite far at the bottom of the booking page.

    Additonally I will un-check the pool option and remove the pool photos during that period. Yet it can be seen as the gym is right next to it...

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    Add this information in the Fine Print section of your property. 
    Because not everyone is reading the description, after each booking just send the guest a message via extranet regarding the renovations. 

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    thank you, that's a good idea. I will submit the info to be added to the fine print.

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    At Country Inn and Suites in O'Fallon,IL our swimming pool will be out of service from October 22-31 because of the renovation of it.


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