Booking cancelled. Guest has to pay full amount. How do I get payment?

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    - POS Terminal
    - Payments by
    - Ask the guest politly to pay for the cancelation fee (lol)

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    My guest cancelled the booking and had never shown up. There are 4 times or more in a month. I updated the status to 'No Show'. However even my policy said the no show must pay 30% , but I have never get any money back from

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    Why would you get a money from Property collects all the payments from the guest. If you want to collect cancelation / noshow fee, you'll have to get yourself a POS terminal and after that you'll be able to charge or preauthorize credit cards. 

    Ask to activate Payments by feature, but all the revenue (also cancelation fees and no shows) will be transfered directly to your bank account. 

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    Blagoje Supic

    Very helpful info pibomarco.

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    I would highly recommend getting a credit card processing machine and taking card payments - specifically a deposit. Think of it as a no-show payment insurance!

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