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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there!

    What an interesting idea. 

    I think creating a Data Free Room/Space is exciting and very forward thinking! But yes, the fact that you had to ask if it is a step too far should already throw a red flag.

    People enjoy everchanging environments and exciting new rules/restrictions that can yield a reward or interesting experience. I doubt that people would want to spend a whole holiday without the use of their phone, purely for security reasons and also because people enjoy sharing their experiences whilst on holiday with people not there with them. 

    Unless your property is remotely located and the literal environment itself creates a sense of being cut off from the world. (Such as a cabin located deep within a forest or a bungalow in the desert...). In such a scenario I think banning DATA, as you say, will suit the situation and people will know before hand exactly what to expect and prepare for.

    Very well done though!

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    Clive Judge

    Thank you for your thoughtful response.
    Yes I agree I do agree. I think the situation of the property would play an important part. But it is interesting to know that that the fastest growing holiday sector in the UK is Data free. I think this would apply retreat type holidays. We will continue to limit our data free area to the dinning room.

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    I do think its a great idea, however kids will be kids..NO devices unhappy guests..It might work short term but this generation loves gadgets..

    You shouldn't use it as a babysitter but it works and no one wants to hear a screaming child while they are eating. A time and a place for everything. Adult time is much needed as mush as adult conversation..

    What ever works for you and your situation..

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    Clive Judge

    Hi Debbie Actually the kids seem to manage OK after all its only while they are eating, and because we operate a very social atmosphere they are happy to ditch the devices for an hour.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Clive,

    Ah that's really interesting to know! Maybe we should look into it as well then, although I think South-Africa is going to need a lot of convincing to uphold the rule.

    How do you enforce the data free zone if I may ask?

    Kind regards

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    Claire Reade

    Fabulous idea for the dining room, however I it may damage your trade if enforced through out the hotel. I only say this as we have a few people who are travelling for business and would need their devices.  Other than that I'm considering doing the dining room ban to. 

    Many thanks. 

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    that a fun concept but all of the guest that come to us, as soon as they enter the door ask for wi-fi password. free wifi is what makes my property up afloat. 

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    This would be a total NO-NO for me. For me as a guest it would also be enough reason not to book, should this policy be adverised.

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    Hey All,

    In my guest house we spend lot of money for maintain the wifi connection. Because all of guests coming from different countries ans some of them out from their relatives and parents more than one or two months. If we are not provided wifi and put some restriction, the guests will go to other places where this facilities available. The peoples are different and we can not change their attitude and behavior. So we have to change and always keep the smile to get happy customer. Dont push or keep regulations to guests freedom. Because they are coming for a vacation to enjoy their life. 

    I think we have to provide all of facilities according to your hotel pricing criteria.


    Best Regards

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    Clive Judge

    Hi It is interesting to see the different reactions. I threw this open to debate. Our policy of a data free dinning room is very well received. And like many of you our experience is that one of the first questions asked is about access to the the internet. But I believe that having the data evening period in the dinning room is a great success

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    Gul Rais

    Yap i agreed with all of you

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    Ed & Barbara

    We tried doing the "detox week-end" for several months and it did not work out so well with our property. We are  a beautiful island oceanfront property and wanted out guests to enjoy the tranquility of just enjoying nature.  We found that most people either have to or want to stay in touch 24/7. Since we are a vacation rental and not a Bed and Breakfast we did not try to just restrict to the dining hall.  Like so many others it has been a challenge getting good WIFI throughout our property.  We have been in business over 20 years so we have grown with the industry and see and understand what our guests really want when they come to our little part of the world.  Staying connected to the "outside" world is
    one of the things that they demand.

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    Who would have thunk it?!! Of all the amenities to remove (even if only in a specific area) I thought the absence of wifi anywhere would be enough to send guests rushing to the nearest airport!

    I am intrigued at the idea presented that persons are now looking for data free environments. Maybe we can ask to add it as an amenity! If prospective guests click that they want a data-free environment, I would be willing to offer both options to make my apartment more attractive to more guests.


    What say you guys - shall we ask to add this one?

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    I think it’s a great idea to have data free areas of your establishment but I think to make the whole place data free is a bit restricting. Having said that I think there is a market for a data free stay but you need to be in an area where there is no phone service either otherwise folk can cheat!

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    I can't imagine that a lot of our guests would like being told they can or can not use their phones.  People use phones for many reasons, work, social media, family contact, photos, google etc etc.  I think it's none of my business what our guests use their data for and when they choose to use it, it's their holiday after all. 

    I often pull out my phone during dinner because my curious 7 year old has asked a question that I can't answer (like last night - how hot is the inside of a volcano?) - rather than shut down his curious mind or make him wait until later for the answer (which we'll probably both forget to find out) we get my phone and google together, at the table, then discuss the answer and what we find as a family, it invokes conversation in our house.  I would not do this at a table with others, but dining as a family (either at home or in a restaurant or a B&B) I certainly would and I wouldn't like to be told I can't.  

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    Ranthambore Bagh Palace

    By improving Wi-fi facility to your guests you may make difference with other properties and I strongly recommend for improving the same with out any charges.

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    Asad Chaudary

    I think the data-free dining room is a great idea, but definitely a no-no (at least for me) if you are considering applying the policy to whole premises.

    Guests, if travelling abroad, will likely not have international roaming activated on their mobiles/tablets, and at the very least when they arrive may want to contact their loved ones to let them know they arrived safe. In addition to that, you will not attract guests who may be travelling on business and will most definitely require internet access.

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    Sara Jarvis

    I’m in the centre of London all guest ask for the WiFi code before they see their room I have put it on a slate next to their set up in the dining room

    too many people need business WiFi and phones I also notice they like connecting online while eating breakfast as their friends and family are in a different time zone.More importantly I couldn’t talk to my foreign guests without google translate they come from all over the world and some do not speak any English.

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    Clive Judge I think this is an awesome idea to have the dining area banned of all devices. We are living in a world full of millennial that feel as though they cannot live without electronic devices. Social skills have decreased, along with the length of attention span. As you can see the outcome, people are more prone to socializing when their attention is not diverted. Family and friends can use this time to talk and learn how one another's day may be going. Or meet new people in their surroundings. Although I do not agree with having the whole hotel banned, because of multiple factors. Such as communication back home with family and friends, business transactions needing to be made, book reading, games, etc.. I commend you for taking the step in banning devices during breakfast and dinner.   

    I wish you well!

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    I am not sure what to think of your policy in the dining area. If I am dining with family and friends - the no mobile phone rule - is enforced automatically. But when it comes to guests I don't think it should be me who tells them how to behave however I do see the advantages of the system. Regarding making the whole place data free  WHY?! Do you mean that you'll cut off internet access in bedrooms etc? I am sure that would harm a business. 

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    Clive Judge This is a very good thing to do and agree during meal time.

    To go for whole area it's also a good concept and it can be done. I am sure it will be work but it will take time. And might affect your booking at the beginning time. But after a few months it should be good if you can keep it up and positive feedback.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Unfortunately my area doesn't have internet network. Guests have to use their own data therefore they prefer not to use their data and relax and enjoy the beautiful country scenery. Although we all need wifi it's very annoying when people place their mobiles beside their fork and knife when having dinner. As stated above people use data for various reasons so it's difficult to exclude it from their lives. Everybody should try to minimize using it themselves.

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