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  • Dear Pita,

    I wonder what type of action will BDC take for the following one:

    - Leaving without paying

    - Minor damage, can be repaired

    - Serious damage, property/room is now unavailable

    - Theft

    We had experience with a few Minor damages and 2 towel thefts :), seems like they liked our foot towels too much.

    The worst part is, that no insurance company provides services for the above cases. At least not in my country.

    Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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    European Connection

    Always take the ID, and preferably address of the guest.

    If you aren't charging deposits, then go after the guests.who made a damage, and bill them for it.

    If you have their credit card number, it is easy(juts make sure they sign a form at check in, so they agree to refund damages if they cause any)

    If not send a bill by the post, with your bank info, and keep pressing, including hiring debt collector if they ignore your letters.

    Of course success depends on the counrty. If guests are from outside EU it is smaller chance, but with Northern Europeans you have a strong chance of getting refund.


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    Pita Lie


    No, BDC cannot do anything but ensure the customers cannot check into your place again as repeat customers and also the database will be used by BDC to reject the booking from this customers if they ever make bookings in other establishment. Which I find it very helpful. 

    In the matter of recovery of what you lost, it will be entirely on your own hand. We have credit card no of customers and upon arrival customers have to sign a form that allow us to charge their card in the event they damage anything. We authorize it as well as a proof that they really check in into our place to prevent backcharge if they deny their wrongdoings. We do put CCTV everywhere to record everything so we have proof in the even any dispute. 

    However once pax signs the authorization form upon checking in and has their card authorize, we have mostly very well behaved pax. A change of attitude is clearly shown when we remind them that we do have record of their cards. But then again, this is just my own experience. 

    Hope it helps. 


  • Regarding the bill by post, in the EU it's accepted to send it by e-mail also, which counts as the same. 

    Also in Romania, the law states that if such conditions are posted for guests to see, then you don't need to make them sign anything. Therefore we have a house rules card in all of the rooms which state that any damage or extreme dirty rooms may come with a damage fee which will be billed to their booking.

    Zsolt -

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    We take a damage deposit upon arrival, it really helps our guests to be aware that they will pay for any damage... we've been running our business for 18 months and not a single bad experience

    sometimes our guests clean the place before they leave, lol

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    Pita Lie You said that if you report guest misconduct and tick the box saying that you don't want them to book ever again, it will not allow them to book into any other property. I am also under the impression that I read somewhere that they will not be allowed to ever book with Can someone confirm this by finding the text which says it? If this is the case then we do have a way to give more than feedback (albeit only negative) on guests. I am saying this in the light of the many comments that should allow us to give feedback on guests. 

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    Pita Lie

    @Joey it blocks the guests to rebook to our property. Not really sure about another BDC property. 

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    This new feature seems to only ensure the bad customer cannot return to your hotel... but can still book somebody elses hotel and continue to steal and damage property....

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    If I block a guest as a "misconduct", will the guest be able to see that they have been reported as a "misconduct"?

    How will a "misconduct" guest be informed that they have been rejected by the host should they wish to book in the future?

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    A few days ago I reported a guest who apart from other things booked a taxi to pick him up from my property using my name and when the taxi turned up he had ' escaped'  without my knowledge. When I tried to contact him he told me to ignore the bills as he ' had mixed up hotels'. When I reported him to - they sent him a message to pay immediately - and what was his response? He left me a terrible review score with no comments so that I cannot even reply to his lies. I've contacted but no answer yet. 

    I am tired of being at the mercy of such guests because makes it easy for us hosts to be abused. I have had enough of this.

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    I would like to add "No Shows" to the Report Guest Misconduct list.

    I had a Genus guest reservation, made 4.5 months in advance, for one of our three, traditional Thai, teakwood houses. That reservation turned into a no-show. We called the guest several times over the following three days, but each time he hung up on us. 

    I wrote explaining this situation and that I did not want him back. The reply was... I have no choice. If they book, I must accept.

    But the real shocker came  last month when the same "Genus" customer booked two of our three houses, tying them up for the next 2.5 months over our high season. I was shocked because this person still had his preferred customer "Genus" rating! 

    Any comments?

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    The only way I found myself working is to get a credit card processor and a strict cancellation window.

    I can now charge the customer when the free cancellation window ends so even if he doesn't show up, I get the payment. And I am thinking the credit card payment will make him think twice before booking and holding your accommodation.

    Since I started to get payments with credit card, even if it cost me 2% of the total amount of the stay, I never experienced a no show...

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    And also having the credit card on file makes the damage deposit even easier since you could charge the credit card of any bad guests with misconduct (empty your mini bar, cause any damage in your property and vanish...) Just make sure to set up your damage deposit amount so you have the right to charge a card this particular amount if needed

    Once the customer knows he is tied up with his credit card, you will only get the good customers, honest and reliable

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    With regards to Tuppenny's post about a "Genius" guest makeing reservations months in advance and then not showing up.  We have experienced the same issue with one particular guest from Nigeria.  He has booked our establishment on 3 seperate occasions and then does not make a payment.  He communicates back and says he will pay on arrival.  All three times he has not arrived.  We have lost almost $ 2000 by being forced by to hold the booking for him.  I have reported him to but no response.  There is nowhere that I am able to block him.  

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