Accommodating guests with disabilities

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    Not sure I would cancel as it does not necessarily mean that someone using a wheelchair will not manage a flight of stairs.

    However you might want to double check your settings in the portal, particularly the wheelchair access, in case the guests use this against you!

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    You should not decline them - that would be discriminating. I would say that the fact you took the pains to warn them and they feel the accommodation will suffice you are covered. We had a gentlemen who came in a wheelchair but he could travel short distances of about 200 yards with a stick.

    We also had stand up showering cubicles but we have non slip shower mats and a suction cup disabled handle to assist standing. You can also put a small plastic stool in the shower. They managed OK and we had no issues.

    In the unlikely event they turn up and then complain bitterly about the facilities, you produce your emails and basically say 'tough cheese'. If they decide to go elsewhere, you are entitled to your cancellation fee if you have one.

  • Dear Claudia,

    As Akwador says, if you have written proof, go ahead and accept them.

    Always make sure that anything you accept has a written consent from the guest to avoid later issues.

    Best of luck,

    Zsolt -

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    Adagio Accommodation - Nera

    Hi! Definitely do not cancel their reservation. That can be ground for discrimination. It's good you informed them in detail about potential obstacles . Thus you are covered. Hope all will be ok!

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    I don't think you should cancel this booking. As long as we already clearly explain to guest and they have well understand and accept about your hotel condition in written (To be prevent complain afterward).

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    Do not cancel the reservation. You have done what you can to deter the guest. I would not add a suction cup handle....they don't always work ! Nor add any short term.facilites...  my mother is a wheelchair user, so I speak from experience.

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    Wightgal could let BDc know that you have concerns about this reservation...they should contact the guest on your behalf

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