I want to remove my property from Booking.com - They are costing me money & destroying my reputation

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    I agree.  I am totally disgusted with booking.com.


    Since becoming a partner, early last year, the customer service (or total lack thereof) has just gotten worse and worse.

    They are clearly too big for their boots and think they can behave in any way they like.

    Sadly for them though, the longer they treat their customers/partners in this manner the worse it will be for them in the long run.

    They show no accountability and no remorse for the appalling customer service and all the unanswered issues that I STILL have despite many telephone calls in the past two weeks (so many of which end up with me being cut off!)

    I have a recording of my last one hour conversation which resulted in no results whatsoever!  Good had evidence to take to the media - lets see if that helps.

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    Froud site .. i want to remove my property from site.. but it not possible .its create wastage of money and bad reputation

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