search results show only one room type instead of two

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    Aaltje B.

    There is a mix up here.

    If a couple looks for a room (two people in one bed )which can be queen, king, superking it is still one bed, although more then one person can sleep in it. And they mostly pay the same as when one person stays in that big bed.

    As an example  In my unit (for two persons with one bed) I do have the opportunity to split the big bed into two single beds. I give people a choice what they would like : split beds or one bed. That makes it ideal for people who have the wish to sleep separately in the same room. Yes you need more linen :) 

    If you offer more beds in your unit you can clearly state with photos within extranet and add details via the property tab. 

    in your description you can also add info.

    My unit is marked as a place for two people, and search results on the website show a little sign with two people in it. Prospect guests have to open the page and read to find out if this is one bed for two or two beds for two.

    So you can set up the bedding as you wish. 

    You can also make all separate beds and let people pay per person. That can give you a little extra cash. (but not so cosy for the guests )

    Personally I don't mind to offer one big bed for two and they pay the same as when one person comes to stay. 

    Make sure that you don't get more people in your unit than your beds!!  (note from an experienced host) 

    Every person coming in pays their fair share. 

    Hope this makes sense. 

    Happy hosting! 



    Aaltje B. 


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    Aaltje B.

    The above message is for Sonnet1   sorry, I forgot.


    Aaltje B.

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