Luxury of Nature!

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi Dharma Raj baral

    Thanks for your post, it’s great to see you getting involved in the forum :)

    Don’t forget, this space is all about sharing your expertise with others. Do you have any advice or questions for your fellow partners? 

    Looking forward to your next post,


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    Lal Nandika

    Hi i have also place in the jungle. just out side the national park of yala . full of peace and natures yoy will wackup with the birds and during the nights wild elephants are passing by my property. by luck you could see leopards and many more small wild cats as well . i had run last year very well true unfortunately this high season i god lots of fake bookings this is doing my neighbor who running same business. so i would like to know how to stop this its harmful my business .i doing many things to nature i plant more then two hundred wild trees with helps to nature thanks all of you i'm looking forward somewhere will advice me how to reduce this fake bookings here aroynd my city some peopls are doing as a jobe if some one have big competition they put down. with the things like that. thanks best Regards Nandika yala dream park. srilanka

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