How to make a one day stay a premium price

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    I get a lot of one night bookings too and as the OP said it makes my work harder. It is not just the cleaning etc., but the fact that you have guests arriving and leaving at all hours everyday. I have a two night promotion which has been in place for months. I also tried limiting bookings to a minimum of two night stays but if the location of the property attracts people who want one night stays it limits the amount of bookings. I thought about adding a cleaning fee, but most people do not like to pay what they see as 'extra fees'. 

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    michael beeston

    Hi night bookings (easy) BUT a lot more work, we have tried it but too much hassle and not enough profit for the work involved..we are now happy with min 2 nights as we get a lot of 4/6 nights (good news)...we are also lucky that our property is on the Gold Coast Queensland and most people come up for the weekend or longer so the bookings are good.................but if you have to do one night booking so be it.....thanks Michael. 

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    very good topic and a lot of good idea here, thank you.

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    M Adamopoulou

    I do not like one night booking to much work.  My studio is 85 m2 with windows all over and big verandas so cleaning is very hard. I prefer a two day stay. 

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