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    No where to put this comment

    Could we have a 'Suggestions'  section in the Forum ?


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    Blagoje Supic

    I just opened a partner forum when at once six badges stand by my profile :)

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    +1 for a suggestions section. We have good ideas!

    (I already made a post on here somewhere about allowing different breakfast types eg continental and cooked at different rates).

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    i am interested in setting up a website for our Guesthouse within I notice that they charge ten percent per booking. Is this on top of the usual fifteen percent they charge for regualar bookings? Also are we free to add and change incorrect information already on the site?

    Thanks anyone,

    Richard Foster, Savanna Guesthouse, Belize.

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    Muhammad Saeed always alsks me to promote my breakfast, whereas i am offering a wonderful buffet at my restaurant in the morning. I hope saying that is not about enhancing the breakfast type or dishes.

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    Jeffrey Cura

    where can I see my badges? I'm new here in this forum... sorry

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    how to do this ? please guide...Thanks

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