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    Judy Keuning

    I had exactly the same problems with local bookings, you need to be very strict on asking for a deposit within 24hrs, but as you say - it is still time wasting.

    I improved the problem by getting credit card facilities, it did not eliminate the problem completely as the card is often declined but it makes the cancellation process a lot easier as cancel after 24hrs notification of invalid card at the click of a button.

    I do find by requesting payment immediately by credit card has also cut down on a lot of those bookings that don’t materialise.

    regards Judy(SA)

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    I have the same problem. I spoke to a Rep and he advised me to give the guests a time frame in order to make payment to consider the booking confirmed. I normally give a time frame of 1 week before check in date for the guests to pay. This way I can control my bookings and always make sure that my establishment gets fully booked, with no hassles.

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    This is the method we found is working for us:

    - Send the Guest a Message via immediately after they have made a Reservation requesting a deposit. 

    - State the amount due and date it is due. (48 Hrs works for us, a week if the Booking is 2 or 3 months in the future)

    - Should no deposit be received, Submit a request to Cancel. 

    - Call and ask them to Cancel the Booking [Submitting a Request is no guarantee the Booking will be cancelled immediately and this is still Subject to the Guest confirming the Cancellation - Which is of absolutely no help to the Host]

    It does take a bit of time but you have the advantage of releasing dates so other guests have the opportunity to book or you may take on private bookings without having to wait unnecessarily.

    Hope this helps.


    Nas (S.A)

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