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  • More details on Click? Who is organizing it and will it be held in other countries too?

    I don't think that I will have the chance to go as I'm a one man ship with my guesthouse, however it would be nice to have a livestream from there.

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi Zsolt,

    Click 2018 is held only in Amsterdam. All of our partners from around the globe are invited to this two day event with leading experts.

    It's a great opportunity to network and you'll definitely take home ideas to grow your business!

    Here you can find the programme.

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    Hi everyone! See ya all @ Click2018

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    Small B and B just me so Click not for me

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    Boss of the Hotel ;-)

    Bookingdotcom being world leader of online selling (of hotelnights) I would have expected a somewhat more innovative concept from them, rather than this.  A conference room filled with people from hospitality-business, most of them not working in hotels or guesthouses.  Mostly taping their chest, saying how great they are and what good works they do.  The rest of the attendants watching and not commenting.  In the best case, some of the attentends go home with the idea : I should try this at home.  But dont.


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    We own a small b&b and 600 dollars is a lot of money for us and we can't afford to close to attend a conference like this. 

    I would love to see a conference with the subject "Click 2018 will explore how can help deliver what small property owners want to help them to be able to deliver what travellers want; a personalised, seamless, connected experience as they discover the world. Maybe I would be willing to pay for that conference.

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    Bandara Hotels & Resorts

    We would love to join Click 2018 but unfortunately it too late for us. IF you have settle 2019 date, please let us know.

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    For folks who won’t be able to attend the event, will this event be recorded for available access later?!?

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    Hi everyone see you all in Amsterdam Click 2018.



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