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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi fluff,

    Thanks for your post!

    Based on the feedback we received from the community, we began archiving older posts to make it easier for partners to get access to more relevant and recent content, or to start a new conversation.

    Archived posts are always available to view and still appear in search results. 


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    Understood Laura but did you not notice the 4 posts made in that thread today, before you archived?

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    Sara Jarvis

    Surely bad language is kicked out?

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    Neil Holleran

    Dear Laura.

    I don't live at my villa full time so cant receive my code can till we go over end of March can you send to my home address.

    Thanks Neil

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi Neil, the verification code can only be sent to the property address which you provided during registration. Here you can find more information about location verification, including how to contact the support team.


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