Perhaps reviews should be mandatory before customers can book again

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey there,

    Interesting concept!

    I like the idea of making guests write a review but that in itself also has some downfalls hey. If you do that to the one guest who didn't Really enjoy his experience but who wasn't going to bother writing a review, he will be forced to write his bad review. Also, if you put a "negative" action on Not writing one, perhaps the guests might be completely neutral (especially business travels who make booking after booking and has a Tight schedule) and just click the first three options they see so that they can get to make another booking somewhere else.

    Perhaps a "positive" system might work better and semi- do the same thing. Offering awards for writing reviews, not sure what awards though, will make people want to review your property and perhaps even take their time with it. 

    In regards to having guests threaten you with writing a bad review, there is a simple sentence that can silence them "Sir/Ma'am, does not allow threats or bribes between guests and owners. Should I report guest misconduct, will step in." has a SERIOUSLY strict policy on guests threatening with a bad review, or owners bribing guests for good reviews. 

    Best of luck!

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    I’m not sure about this. But telling the client that does not allow this may be a good idea.

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    But what will you do when you have a guest reviews you 7.1 and another who checked in at the same time and reviewed you 10. Both were offered welcome plate full of fruits and free breakfast with coffee, tea, and drinks all day free of charge. Both were picked up from the street by my own 🚘. I was really upset from the 7.1 bed it damaged my score.

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    Aaltje B.

    Can you see what the separate scores are, ahoteiby? 

    The person could have had a bad day. And then you suffer. Not fair, hey! 

    Keep doing what you are doing right. People will continue to score high and you will be recognized by the seasoned traveller as a great host. 

    There is not much one can do then your best, and don't be too sad about it. The fact that it hurts means you mean well. Those hosts we like to keep. 

    Keep on keeping on :)

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    Thank you for sharing your view about my concern. However, it compensates by other clients.

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