Permanently change standard rate?

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    Hi, i have this problem too and i have no answers anywhere. The base rate for my property is set at the maximum occupancy and not the lowest. There is no option to change this and i cannot find the option to delete my listing and start again. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Had the same problem! Ridiculous you can't just modify your Standard Rate!
    Anyway I found a workaround: on your calendar from a PC you select a starting date and then tic the tab "no ending date".
    Select dates as Open, insert new Price and Save.
    PLEASE NOTE: if you are syncronizing other calendars from different websites doing this operation will erase all bookings from those calendars and mark the dates as Free.
    After settong your New Price you have to Refresh all your calendars in order to reimport all Closed Dates.

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