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    Thanks for your post. 

    Sounds like something you might want to get help with by sending a message through your extranet inbox. 

    Good luck! 

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    it is months that I have sent the message through extranet inbox and because there was no answer I asked here to hear something I don't Know, unfortunately the and extranet support team are not responsible for there job and are too lazy

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    My property is n closed not bookable in they said they want to send them the direct debit so they can see is still valid which I did. Then they asked me to sign a new contract because they advised this is their policy which I did, then I have called around 25 times and they say to me I am really sorry to hear that and they will pass the message to the right department to call me. This is going on for the last 2 weeks and still I have not hear anything from anyone yet. So anyone else who is in the same position please? I am losing money and they are too. Any advise? Thanks, Panos

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    Hi there 

    My property also having a same issue Closed/Not Bookable I've completed all the information and verified the location as well. even though I'm unable to make live my property on 

    Waiting for the solution 


    Best regards


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    Why is my Account saying it is Closed / Not bookable?


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    why is my account is closed?


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    Hi all,

    thanks for getting involved in the forum.

    In this article on the Partner Help Center you will be able to find a list of reasons why your property is not bookable at the moment. 

    Hope that helps.

  • we have had ours closed for some weeks, they keep asking stupid questions we cannot answer

    they wont phone us.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    We refer to the accommodation agreement signed by your property and agreed to with BV.

    We regret to inform you that your accommodation is currently not open/bookable on our website because of a material breach of contract.

    Despite a previous warning, sent on 2018-03-08, We have determined that someone from your property has engaged in abusive behavior and unprofessional behavior towards one of our mutual guests. The attitude and your intention towards the guest were not in line with our values and it is not what we expect from our partners.

    We kindly request you to honor all reservations made through our website prior to the effective suspension date, notwithstanding whether the date of the Guest’s departure is before or after the date of termination.

    Please do not reply to this email. This is an unmonitored address.

    Should you require additional assistance, please send us a message via your Extranet inbox, and a member of our support team will get back to you promptly.

    1. Kind regards,  Fraud & Abuse Team


    we have been trying to get to the bottom of it,  there response has been poor.

    we asked for a for guest evidence - cannot produce it.

    they keep asking stupid questions that is template written...

    we have answered 10 times we don't know what they are talking about.

    the ask - 1) have we identidied the staff member..?

    2)  have we got proceders in place to ensure it does not happen again..?

    we ask for specific events and thay cannot tell us. 

    either inept, corrupt or just totally incompetent.

    we also apologised for any wrong doing and asked them to advise us. - they wont phone back.

    so we are moving to Little Hotelier.

    our booking is  Numurkah Apartments



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