How do I create a gap between bookings?

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  • Dear Nikie,

    If you scour the forum you can find the post of Leandri Klopper where she talks about asking BDC to enable a function that allows you to do that. It is only available if you ask BDC to enable it.

    I don't remember the name now. But you can search through her replies and find it.

    Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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    Its the  "No Arrivals" and " No Departures" tabs.

    I asked via a message, it was installed within 2 days.

    When installed it can be found on your calendar under "Standard Rate"

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    Thank you both for your advice, I've contacted

    Much appreciated :-)


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    I just go to the calendar and close that one day. Hope that helps.

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