So, i'm guessing when it comes to templates, you never have enough

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi! Bookings and welcome to the forum.

    My first template: 
    Sent: Immediately when a booking is confirmed

    Hi {guest_first_name},

    Thanks so much for booking our place. We look forward to having you!

    A few days before your stay I will send you info on how to check in, wifi details etc.

    If you have any questions, just let me know.

    Have a nice evening....














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    Duma Lodge

    Thank you, M Adamopoulou 

    I truly appreciate the advice. So everyday talk is actually a good thing?


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    M Adamopoulou

    Duma-Lodge of course it is, if it’s not gossip. Talking is communicating and so is hosting.
    Take care!!

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Thanks for sharing your template M Adamopoulou, it's very warm and inviting :)

    Duma Lodge, a few months back the community shared their welcome letter tips that could be very helpful for you. If you'd like to get some feedback on yours, feel free to add it and ask your fellow partners what they think. 

    Happy posting!

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi Laura thank you very much for your kind words.
    I have noticed that BDC has made changes in signing in. In my computer I sign in in no time but using my iPhone cannot. Am I doing something wrong?
    Thank you in advance for your feedback and have a pleasant day.

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    Carrawobitty Rural Retreat

    We only have one template that's sent on booking with our basic details as we prefer to answer any questions personally to build a good repore with our guests and to make sure the question is answered fully.


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    Templates are great, Make as many as needed, different case scenarios  especially when you have a staff.

    We here have 1 for credit cards that declined. Letting then know that their reservation will not be held and a new cc card will need to be submitted.

    We have 1 with late check in information  that we use..This way we use their email address on file thru the booking extranet, and copy and paste it from our front desk email as well.

    We have limited office hours..each guest can call if need be as its on the exranet as well as in their email. So your covered....

    We love templates the more the merrier..1 click and your good as gold....consistent is the answer.


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    Duma Lodge

    Awesome, thanks everyone. Just one more thing, the credit card information, is it necessary for an authority to debit form to be completed before deducting a deposit?


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