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    Laura, Community Manager

    Congratulations again to all of the winners! It's great to see so many new and familiar faces celebrating in this thread :)

    To check if your property has won an award, search with your property ID on this page: Presenting the 2018 Guest Review Awards. You'll be able to download a zip file with digital versions of the award that can be printed or shared on social media. Your physical award and letter will arrive within the coming weeks, so keep an eye out on your post box.

    If you have any questions about eligibility criteria, scores and deliveries, please visit our What are the Guest Review Awards FAQ article.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Congratulations to all!!!

    First of all I would like to thank BDC for urging me and inspiring me to list my property and of course my fellow partners for their  guidance, support and helpful suggestions in hosting.

    As you said Laura so many things to do. I will try and describe some as simple as I can:

    1. I started by studying  in depth all the BDC rules and regulations both in Greek and in English, trying to understand how BDC works.
    2. Gathered as much information as possible from other hosts with experience in the tourism industry
    3. Asked my son to help me build a complete listing. Filled in all the available information. (a guest made a nice remark about having all information in my listing).
    4. Filled in my profie with a friendly picture and wrote a couple of nice and true facts about myself.
    5. I uploaded many beautiful  true pictures featuring the inside and outside area of my property (guests leave me reviews that the Studio is much better in live).
    6. Before taking the pictures I made sure that my Studio was sparkling clean and very tidy.
    7. When starting I had a competitive low price, easy and simple. I had checked  out  what was offered in my neighbourhood.
    8. The lower the price the more bookings I got. Getting my first excellent review I got started.
    9. Unfortunatelly my location is not in a touristic area so I was very happy to see that guests were interesting and giving me excellent reviews.
    10. Not only offer basic amenities. Offer hospitality beyond guests expectations.   Makes guests feel that they are special (guests also mention it in reviews).
    11. Although I do not offer breakfast my fridge and cupboards are full of local fresh goodies that guests appreciate.
    12. Having a good  night’s sleep means new bed with comfortable mattress, big pillows and  cotton thread bedding. 
    13. Vases with valerian and beautiful roses from my garden.
    14. In the bathroom I have luxury amenities and many huge fluffy white towels, bathrobes and slippers.
    15. Have a file with recommended restaurants, cafes, beach clubs, places of interest, maps and emergency telephones.
    16.  Before my first reservation I invited friends to stay in my Studio so that they experience the house like a guests would. Their remarks helped me to do some changes.
    17. I connected my Facebook  and my Instagram account. I asked friends to leave reviews. I post regularly pictures of my Studio.
    18. I have never cancelled a confirmed reservation.
    19. As soon as I had a reservation I tried to reply asap (a guest told me that he prefered my place since I had replied on the spot).
    20.  Pulse app has been a great tool for me. I can handle my listing wherever I am.
    21. I accept last minute bookings.
    22. I have synchronized my calendars avoiding double bookings.
    23. My payment policies are strict so have few cancellations.
    24. Through Opportunity Centre have joined Genius program, PPP and have boost my visibility.
    25. I have added three Promotion deals.
    26. My houre rules are simple and not very strict.
    27. I have made friends with other hosts in the area. Last summer I was booked and I recommended another place.  Both my friend host and guests were happy.  Bonding with other hosts is good for the whole community.
    28. Almost every day I have a look at my listing. There is always something to update.
    29. My first action everyday  when I get up is to check my pulse for messages and have a look at activity.
    30. Have friends regularly visiting my listing just checking that everything is  working right.
    31. After a thanking message for the reservation, I try to have some contact with the guests to get knowing them better  before they arrive.
    32. I send messages informing them for the weather, the location,  driving instructions, arrival time, asking if they have any special requests.
    33. A couple of hours before guests arrive I double check to make sure my Studio is spotless clean and everything in the right place. If it is too hot I turn on the air conditioner.
    34. First impression is very important. I am always present when guests arrive. Give a very friendly welcome with a nice smile and offer a welcoming drink. If they are tired from a long trip I try to cheer them up.
    35. The private parking door is wide opened and I stand there to show them the way.
    36. I treat my guests like family and they love it, especially kids.
    37. I have a white board and my grandaughter draws a nice painting  and I write a welcome note. (guests love it and leave thanks note when departing).
    38. After the first day I always find a way to ask my guests if everything is ok and up to their standards.
    39. As extra I cook for my guests a Greek specialty using fresh and local products.
    40. I never enter the space once it is occupied or if they are absent. I let them know that I am available any time and are very discreet (highly appreciated by guests, mention it in reviews).
    41. In the key chain I give them, I have my husbands and my iphone numbers if they need to call us. Sometimes we become friends in facebook right away.
    42. I am flexible in checking  out and always there to give them a farewell gift with herbs, homemade marmalade or almonds from my garden. I do not forget to remind them  very politely about  leaving me a review.
    43. As soon as they leave I send them a message thanking them for the great experience and for leaving my Studio so tidy and clean.
    44. I am always polite, never use the word “no” and try to resolve any  issue with the guests no matter how hard the situation might be. Once I had a problem and BDC support team advised me immediately in the best way, so both parties were satisfied.

    There are no secrets to success.

    Put your heart, mind and soul into even your smallest acts. Self-belief and hard work will always earn you success, in everything you do.

    Thanks again FORUM for making the impossible possible.

    Have a nice day friends...


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    michael beeston

    WOW !!!..........FANTASTIC !!!!.........Laura just checked our review score...................10 ....That is now twice one for 2017/ and 2018....Brilliant news, as we ALL say a lot of work and persistence and making the guest feel SPECIAL but what a wonderful achievement.............69 Tens in a row so far.......lets go for the ULTIMATE 100 in a row ( who Knows).Thanks, and Laura and her Team,very very much appreciated.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Wow Laura this is great news. You surprised me nicely!!!

    Yes I am a winner.  Thanks for giving me this opportunity.

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    michael beeston

    Incredible "M" is like reading a Book.well done.

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    michael beeston

    Congratulations "M"..............well done.

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    Damayantha Desilva

    Dear Laura !

    My review score is 9.7, am I suitable for this award ?



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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi Dam, well done on a 9.7, that's very impressive. To check if you've met the criteria - and to download your digital award - enter your partner ID here.

    Congratulations to all of you, it takes such an effort to maintain this kind of score! 

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    This has been our best year yet in terms of review scores and I am excited about the award. I was wondering why the award doesn't match the review score? This year almost all are 10's except for 4 reviews: the lowest is 9.2 (1 review) and the three are 9.6 (3 reviews) - so how come my review score is 9.5?

    Diane Greene

    Making Waves Boatel


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    M Adamopoulou

    Thank you Michael it’s my first review award and I am trilled!!! I guess you are used to getting review awards...
    Have a nice day...

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    Well done to all of your success , wishing you all the very best in the coming year also x

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    Damayantha Desilva

    Hi Laura,

    Tks a lot for your text answer, wow I checked it felt great, am a winner, thanks once again.



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    Damayantha Desilva

    Thank you very much dear  M Adamopoulou, wish you all the very best for year 2019. 

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    michael beeston

    Well done everyone and "M" it is ALWAYS wonderful to get a good review whether it be the FIRST or LAST.....FABULOUS everyone.............I have been so busy but will check mine as well.

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    Damayantha Desilva

    Wow Michael, !

    Congratulations and all the very best for your fantastic Achievement !


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    Suneet Jain

    We also got awarded and that too second year in a row. Thanks to team and our team. Its the collabrative effort that makes wonder.

    Suneet Jain, Hotel Fortune Plaza, Ajmer (Rajasthan) India

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi Diane, welcome to the Partner Forum. First, congratulations on receiving such high reviews from your guests! 👏

    To understand everything that goes into the review score, check out this Partner Help article: How is my review score calculated

    Wishing you a wonderful and prosperous 2019! 


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    La Porte Rouge Pézenas

    Hello and community, 

    I received notice of my reward today. Thank you very much. I'm new to the hospitality business though I was an actor in Hollywood for many years and owned my own snack food business, so I've learned much about dealing with all sorts of people. My experience in Pézenas, France has been wonderful, and I make sure all my guests feel the same way. I've become kind of an ambassador for my village. All my guests are treated like family and I make myself available at all times. I take their comments into consideration and make any necessary improvements. It takes a lot of work, but it is worth it when your guests show their appreciation. Thanks again, Mark Porro

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    It's our first year with BDC and we're thrilled to get an award for our 9.6 score. The award is an obvious marketing opportunity, we've posted it on our Facebook page and placed the certificate on our website. Any other suggestions?

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    Beyond proud - I have been awarded a rare 10 out of 10 for 2018, we only had one review out of 30 less than 10/10 which was because they didn't like the view (!) and gave 9.5 .  Interestingly they were the guests I did the most for in the whole of the year with lots of extra service and treats. 

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    The Guest review awards are great & very satisfying. Our only request for future awards would be to raise the bar so to qualify for a guest review award "WINNER" then the qualifying score in our humble opinion should be 9+ & not 8+. BTW we are at 9.8 today & if it had not been for a competitors freind then we would have been at 9.9 or 10 like we were for the first 3 months of our new business venture that now sounds disrespectful terminology because we soon find out that actually it is treated by us as a way of life......

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    Thank you for the wonderful Award... 


    we are so happy and honoured ... 






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    P Jarrett

    Just got my award. 9.9 on! The Mill - Long Melford! Yipee!

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    Ben Grey Oak Holiday House

    Delighted to receive award 2 years in a row.

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    3rd year in a row! We are very honored and thankful to all our generous reviewers!

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    Liz M Lockwood

    I too was excited. 2 years in a row with 9.5. I'll be putting up next to my cork board I have where guests leave me little thank you notes haha. Reminds me I need more pins as the board is getting quite full. Lol

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    In general its a very nice move to send out again the physical awards! Thanks for that!

    The problem is that its sent to the property address and not the company address. We do not have a reception and the award wont be delivered. 

    Maybe wou can ask the hosts before sending it where to deliver it or send always to the company head quarters?

    Thanks for considering it next time.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Congratulations Dam!!!
    Wish you all the best and a prosperous New Year.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Thanks Michael hope it wasn't boring...
    Have a bright day....

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    michael beeston

    No was coool.

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