How to stand out as host : it's a fine line

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    M Adamopoulou

    -Aaltje-B-Thank you very much for your kind posting.

    Hosting is a magnificent experience with so many surprises and challenges we have to be faced every day that your advice is absolutely valuable.

    I saved your post so I can read it again and again...

    Best  wish ever....lots of happy guests that smile when they come and when they go.

    Take care my dear....

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    Aaltje B.

    Thank you so much, M 

    It was a pleasure to write it all down and I am glad you can use the tips. 

    Look after your guests, but most of all, look after yourself as well. 

    (We are those type of people that have the tendency to ignore the signs that our body gives, and keep running after guests - )

    Watch the signs and listen to them, and your body will be thankful! 

    And make hay when the sun shines! 

    You are such a sweetheart M. Bless you!   Aaltje B. 


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    M Adamopoulou

    Thank you Aaltje for your caring suggestions.  Yes I know exactly what signs you mean. Thankfully there are very few days in the year that the sun doesnt  shine. From early May we enjoy the sun and the sea till late hours. We are lucky because all of our guests do the same thing so I dont worry too much. 

    Thanks again for your kindness, wish we were more closer to have some chit chat face to face....But you never know...dreams come true sometimes...

    Have a pleasant day...

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    Aaltje B.

    Thank you dear friend, M.

    Lucky to have such good weather patterns. New Zealand has been a bit "patchy" this year to start with. But heatwave now, so you never know here. 

    bring your sunscreen and your layers, haha. 

    And most welcome anytime. You will be surprised by what nature has to offer here. 

    Have a nice day too. 

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