Why my booing doesn't show up?

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    Aaltje B.

    ok, give it one more day Iskrakakarka, just for the sake of being new, but I would also aks the help desk how come.  Login into Extranet and find the INBOX tab. 

    there is place to put your question. 

    There is lots to learn when you become part of the BDC group.

    Lots of questions you can also find online when you google them. 

    I tried searching within the BDC page, above this message with the title : : why is my listing not showing up:  and it gave me over 200 questions from other members. 

    Take it in one step at the time. you will soon learn about all the different buttons and tabs :) 

    Happy hosting. 

    Let us know how things went please. 


    Aaltje B. 

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    my apartment also has been listed and one person has booked 1 month ago. But today I checked my property on booking for other dates it says not available even if the calendar is free, is that a joke?

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hello! Iskrakacarska have you opened all your rooms??? Your rooms have to state not 0.
    Wish you all the best...

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hi! Makemoneyonlinebook you should check out if all your rooms are opened. You can also call your BDC local office and ask them to check it
    out for you.
    Wish you well...

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