Commission Invoicing

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    Aaltje B.

    Agree that Airbnb has a very well oiled system!  I am not familiar with VRBO, is this American? Will look it up. 


    If you request this feature we may get it. (And more readers do the same!) 

    It would be more work for them if people cancel, that is probably the idea behind it. 

    Airbnb people overall don't cancel as much, since their system is not set up like that, and they don't deal with hotels, like 

    It is a totally different approach. 

    Probably why the delay.

    my suggestion to them is: Make two groups Hotels with many rooms / And "other"  smaller units  And create the commission theme for smaller units, say category B,  as requested by bundles of hosts. Would be very helpful. 

    Keep requesting Chris. 



    Aaltje B. 

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