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    Aaltje B.

    No, you charge the client. 

    They give credit card details so BDC can trace them if something happens. 

    in my channel manager system it is mentioned if someone has already paid. 

    and the balance is zero. 

    So if you go with channel manager, (a good one, do your research! ) then most finance questions disappear. 

    It is worth they money you pay to them, and you attract more guests. 

    You can add as many OTA's (other platforms) as you like. 

    I wish you success at the beginning of your hosting career, and also lots of pleasant guests. 

    Any questions, just keep posting. 



    Aaltje B. 



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    Aaltje B.

    worth the money  -  sorry for the typo, Gabimorelli.  

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