What are the "nice-to-have" amenities your guests love?

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    Sanjeev Kumar

    Hi Erin, 

    Yes, we do provide safes and minibars in our hotel, not sure if that will work with yours or not. Though we haven't received many appreciation so far, however, it is always a great value to add. Meanwhile, I would advise to add a coffee vending machine in lounge area with some fresh bakes for residents to use at no cost. I do not know much about your hotel so it is hard to advise. 


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    Graham Fisher

    I have many guests return time after time for the home-made marmalade!

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    Niall Flynn

    I have several serviced apartments and my guest's like the tea, coffee and especially the selection of speciality teas I provide.Breakfast cereals go down well also.


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    Greta Smagghe

    We put small handmade soaps in the bathroom labelled with our logo, are often taken home and that way a memory of staying with us.

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    carol roff

    We have a selection of Twinings Teas in a Twinings tea box.  The box contains 12 different teas to chose from. Guests really appreciate having fresh milk in the fridge when they arrive and also the coffee machine.

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    Diana Foster

    Fresh flowers, from my garden, in all rooms including bathroom.

    Flexible time for breakfast. Its laid out and guests help themselves with just tea or coffee made for them.

    Lots of choices for breakfast including fresh eggs from my hens are cooked in a"magic" egg machine that guests use themselves. They love it!

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    Villa Junona Croatia

    We have X-box with wide selection of games + a big box with toys for kids (such as lego, etc.) in our restaurant. It is happened to be very useful for rainy days. or - in contrast in very hot days. Parents sip cold tea in our air-conditioned restaurant. kids play....

  • Base on your Villas is near Disney world, maybe you can consider something that related to Disney world such as big doll for guest to take photo and enjoy in public area or in their room, Disney blanket for children bed if have, etc.

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    tea coffee facility, toiletries, hairdryer, hangers, luggage rack, board games, couple of books to read, water bottle, some cookies

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey all,

    These are all really good ideas! It's the small things in life.. 

    Bandara Group - That's so cool! They should definitely do it. Because those photos may be posted to social media and can then act as Marketing. 

    Erin Weigel , I'm not sure of the set up at your place but we find that people are always looking for hairdryers. So all of our properties have a few in stock which we will rent out per stay (for cheap cheap). 

    The one thing at some of the properties I've visited that has caught my attention... is the sewing kits. A lot of hotels leave little sewing kits as a gift for their guests. Maybe it's just me, but I'm not that bothered by a small little hole in my clothes because I'm going home sometime in anyway. I suppose they leave that there for business people? 

    Keep well!

  • @Leandri Klopper Yes I hope that it will help.

  • We put water in the fridge, there is coffee/tea/sugar in the room and I give a small bottle of our own olive oil (we've picked), some cookies and chocolates and fresh flowers from our garden. IF it is a returning guest, I will write a card wishing them a nice stay and welcoming them back and I will put *more* of everything, including a bigger bottle of olive oil. 

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    Apartments Petricevic


    we put some flowers in the vase (kitchen), soap for washing hands, toilet paper, kitchen soap, coffee, sugar, salt, olive oil and small gift - 3 sets of postcards (3 drawings from 3 different positions of the town turned into postcards with a square for stamp and lines for writing an address) . Most of guest take postcards or send them during the stay. Some of the guests have suggested to ad a shower gel and water in fridge. 

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    Dritan Hoxha


    We use some little cookies,tea,sugar,coffe and a goodmornig personalised card when we serve the morning at our restorant,

    Its a little thing,but the clients precieate that

  • @Dritan Hoxha Very nice little hospitality touch and I am sure that your guest must feel very warmth.

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    Hi Erin,

    Thanks for sharing your efforts to keep the guests comfortable in your property. I am sure apart from feeling at home while in the property, they want to feel fit as well. I would say have a mini jim where guests can have some physical exercises. Provide some bicycles - its lovely to have an evening ride. If I were the guest, I would always come back for sure. Finally, have something stupid like, an area labelled "smoking lounge" - your guests will immediately notice freedom in the facilityand they will call it home.

    Have a pleasant season!



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    Graham Fisher

    Could I just urge anyone thinking of supplying gym equipment or bicycles to double-check their liability insurance, if guests have an accident - then you need to be sure you are covered in the event of the guests attempting to sue you for any problems.  Certainly in the UK the owner could be liable.

  • @Graham Fisher This is very important thing to do. Thank you for remind us.

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    We have a self-catering apartment but on arrival the guests will find: Fresh milk, yoghurt, eggs, butter, still and sparkling mineral water, soft drinks in the fridge. Selection of teas including herbal teas, coffee (ground and instant) sugar (brown and white) Sweetener, selection of small jams and Nutella and breakfast brioches in a basket. Our own Olive oil in a 250ml bottle, salt, pepper a selection of dried herbs.

    Washing up sponge and liquid, bin bags, toilet roll, small hotel toiletries including a shower cap and a sewing kit. Packets of paper tissues. A basket of cleaning products.

    There is also a complimentary bottle of chilled prosecco on arrival with a bowl of olives.  If I know in advance that there is a special occasion i.e, Wedding anniversary or Birthday I provide a cake made by our local baker.


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    This is really great. I learned a lot from your conversations.

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    Still I want some one to let me know how long did it take to get the first client??? By the way I have 112 property in new cairo close to the American University in Cairo.

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    I was reading all previous comments and found out that many additional actually represent what we already provide to our guests as default. Additional things are really of personal orientation as for example some of our guests were delighted to find Olive oil, flour etc for baking/cooking and other commented how there were "left overs" from previous guests :(

    In general i am convinced we can not go wrong with general provisions as tea/coffee/milk and similar for them to have something to start off with. 

    We also need to take into consideration the length of the stay as we sometimes have long term (month or more) guests who then we try to supply with all relevant goods that usual household need. 

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    This is true. The secret here is your personal touch.

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    No one mentioned here, and it's totally free! I send very, very detailed instructions on how to get around with shuttle, buses, taxi, etc. I include prices and what roads to take. Also schedule of the shuttle. I include visual information too on what signs to look for. Also, information on parking. When the guest arrives, we provide personal advise also (where to eat, where to shop, how to go to..). We have received many positive comments on this.

    And another free and very simple thing to do. Make an elephant or swan with the towels and put them on bed. Leave some candies too. Guests love it!

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    These are some of the things I have put into my two bed and breakfast rooms which are in response to guests' conversations over the three years we have had a B&B:

    1) Tiny fridge in which I put a small jug of FRESH milk (absolutely NO UHT stuff!) Also cartons of complementary apple and orange juice

    2) Small safe in the wardrobe

    3) Removable lighweight stool for the shower (can double as suitcase support)

    4) Grab bars in the shower (removable)

    5) Long shoe horns

    6) Portable two sided magnifying mirror (so guests can do their make-up at a window)

    7) Bowl of fruit with fruit knife and plate of biscuits

    8) Wide range of teas and coffees including decaffinated.  Sweetners as well as sugar

    9) No limit on number of towels used

    10) Organic shower gel, shampoo and conditioner and hand wash (all locally produced but also available via internet (Just-soaps at Cossington)

    11) Face clothes and shower caps

    12) Cotton buds, cotton wool balls and makeup pads

    13) Supply of toothbrushes toothpaste, sanitary products and ear-plugs in the bathroom cupboard

    14) Boxes of tissues in the bedroom and bathroom

    15) A supply of local information leaftlets as well as notepad, visitors book, spare pencils and pens and scissors and a range of spectacles are also there for guests' convenience.

    16) Rooms have black-out blinds for those who like to be in total darkness regardless of time of year or time of day

    17) TV with CD player and fast Wi-Fi

    18) Lastly I am totally flexible about breakfast times.  I have done a cooked breakfast for 5.30 am!


    Hope this helps and I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has other suggestions.


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    Anthurium Apartment



    i realise communication is key with hosting,ensuring that your guestss understand you at all times.i use bing translator to talk to them in their own language,for example i have some Chinese at the moment, and they really appreciate that.

    i live close to the facility,so i tell them,they can call me anytime.when i am going out i inform them

    FIRST impression,i do a range of things,from,putting a basket of fresh fruits,fresh flowers,it all depends on what i gather ,from them,from speaking to them,prior to their arrival .


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    Leandri Klopper

    Anthurium Apartment ,

    Oh wow, a translator!

    So it's an APP that has text to speech? Or does it pick up the speech and turn it to text? That's so cool. I will really consider that for communicating with guests, will be difficult for over the phone though.

    Keep well!

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    1. A good selection of quality self serve beverages both in rooms and in shared lounges. 

    2. Home baked goods or preserves, cookies or cake on arrival and home made preserves on meal tables, provided free, are a nice touch. They must be personally made. Often they will store well so cook can make them on quiet days or in off season. 

    3. A box of toys to keep kids quiet. 

    4. DVD movies on free loan. 

    5. Facial wipes for cosmetic removal ( this also help keep linen cleaner). 

    6. Old fashioned customer service. We are a small establishment. I try to meet each of our guests in the car park to assist with there parking and offer to carry their bags to reception, and then to their room. Chat with them to find out what they like and what you could provide. If not immediately then to another guest at another time. 

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    michael beeston

    Hello everyone

    yes, we have Dove Soaps all through the apartment as well as Dove Shampoos and Conditioner as well as a Bottle of Champagne in the Fridge and when we have a guest who is celebrating a wedding or anniversary we leave a small box of Chocolates..it is only a small thing BUT works MAGIC …...Our apartment is quite different to anything else on the Gold Coast in Australia and we also do the Meet and Greet and show guests around the complex...……..we are so so proud we have 54 10 POINTS in a row...Fabulous and I really think part is the small things ( such as Premium Soaps /Shampoos and Champagne) we also offer....Hope it helps Michael.

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    Hi Michael,

    "such as Premium Soaps /Shampoos and Champagne)"

    I am sorry l, but Dove is considered as Premium?



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