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    Maree Ann Smith

    Time and effort will tell.  I guess people will underestimate the significance of what they may think is worth contributing.   Time is a big factor in this busy world.  I know that I will find it hard to find the time to connect in and think about what I can contribute - hopefully, ideas will come out of the blue and away I'll go.

    Good luck with this platform.

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    Thanks for your contribution! Looking forward to hearing more wise words from you here on the Partner Forum :-) 

  • I like forums like this and have been active and continue to be active on many, ranging from from insurance companies to well known electronics and smart phone companies. I enjoy discussion, helping people out and giving advise to help people think outside the box. Many great ideas can be nurtured in forums such as this. 

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    Maree Ann Smith

    Responding promptly to guests queries and acting on their requests or changes in booking details is vitally important - this helps to eliminate possibility of "faux pas".

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    Wayne Cahoon

    No, I hadn't noticed that yet. I don't have any icon next to my image even though I've posted or replied to more than 4 times.

    The basic idea is sound, but the graphics are not something I'm going to remember at all. Maybe have the the number with a plus symbol to show how many posts have been made? Or just the number itself would be better.

    What happens when your past fifteen. Everyone is going to be looking the same. If you incorporate a # into the ranking image then there would be some status for the big achievers. 

    • Mentor - 327
    • Mentor - 65+
    • Mentor - 32
    • Mentor - (With your logo idea)

    Which would you determine has had more input into this forum?



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    Wayne Cahoon

    Brooke the icon level images are still not displaying correctly. I have 2 posts and 7 comments with no icon level image being displayed, while Maree Ann Smith has just 2 comments and she has her leaf already.

    Somewhere the images should be visible with a description of their meaning. Or you could make them using universally known icons such as a leaf, seedling, small tree and a massive great oak tree. Everyone would get the meaning of those right away. I have no idea which one of the two middle level images are above the other.

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    Thanks for great ideas Wayne, really appreciate all your contributions :-) 

    We are in the midst of making some big changes to our levels which we are hoping to be able to share soon. From there, everyone will be properly updated according to their current contributions. 

    In the mean time, please keep your great ideas coming! 

    Thanks again for all your contributions, 


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