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    Thanks for reaching out! The best way to learn about events in your area is to contact the local office :-) 

    Have a great day,



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    Yorn Serey Chanthoeurn

    We are Asarita Angkor Resort & Spa in Siem Reap Cambodia, we also would love to attend the event anytime you are launching. 

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    Hi Brooke,


    I am in NYC and would love to attend an event. 

    Also- I am trying to set up my accounts with multiple listings I need help and can't get in touch with anyone!!

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    Queen Maneya

    I would love to attend one of your events also.  I am from Malawi, i would like to connect to other partners and learn as I am new to these. 

    Waiting for you response.



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    My Manchester office never answers the phone so the call gets diverted to customer services

    Messages to customers services asking them to get the Manchester office to call me are ignored

    Went to a event organised by the Manchester office over a year ago- was promised help and followup up on a couple of minor issues AND I AM STILL WAITING


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    Kathleen Davenhall

    David - have you tried getting in touch via with booking.com by email it could get better results as they have to  answer 

    keep going

    Kathleen Davenhall

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    Tried that and get told they will get my local office to call but Manchester office never does

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