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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there,

    Massive pleasure!

    There were too many interesting topics last week, my eyes are stil swirling and we are trying out some of the ideas found on the Forum. 

    So thanks to everyone :-)

    Keep well!

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    Random question of the day. Can we pre-charge a guest prior to check in? We have a problem with no shows where the credit card declines. 

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    Hi 41046,

    Thanks for your post, it’s great to see you getting involved in the forum :)

    This space is all about sharing your expertise with others.

    To make sure other partners can see it, please re post your question in the Guests payment and finances board and feel free to take a look at this article in the Partner Help where explains how to make changes to deposit and pre-payment information.

    Looking forward to your next post,


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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Hi Every one, how goes... 

    I got this Opportunity From, Great look after us, BUT.........


    Activate a July Deal to catch up with last year

    Peak travel season is here and demand is high. Unfortunately, you are pacing behind in bookings compared with last year. To catch up try a July Deal.

    Offer a 15% minimum discount on your most popular rooms all month for best results.

    We will promote your deal worldwide with a special tag on our site, dedicated email campaigns and the deal price on public channels..


    Its ok, I like to make a Dear. But at the moment Im fully Booked almost every Day in July..Few days left in June, 

    Ok, If I give 15% discount, and 15% discount to Genius Booker, and 15% to, What left to me for Room rent, Cleaning, Iron, early up to Prepare Continental Breakfast, shopping, baking bread for Breakfast, I just need a bit to drive my Car to shopping for all the Wonderful People there book with me...

    Now I really look forward to a comment from YOU.......

    Anybody ever got a Discount from


    Have a Great Day all my fellow friend


    Le Balcon des Jasses


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    Good point, Lucy, I was saying to myself WTF?!  Same situation as you. Even if I have a few empty slots in a month - I use them to unwind but to work and pay all the costs and find that you're actually made no money at all - or worse - is just not worth the trouble. 

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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    You are right, I want to sell quality, not discount. Cheap room are not me, my price is for good quality, good food, Continental, homemade breakfast, lots of work, but no discount.

    A little note:

    I beed doing this in almost 17 years, in my home, and I love it.

    When we start we had a low price, a big sign on the street, and when I say a car from abroad or another city, I put a card in the front windows.. When I think back, it was very different?

    To day we have our Booking on the net, People arrive with great help from GPS, and few pêople call.

    But to day our room are much better quality, and our price higher.

    I can see a different kind of people arriving, people who like good quality, fun, good Wine, and excellent dinner, this people like to pay , pay for what they expect from me.

    Of course many people know me now, but almost all visitor are people who like good quality, it is what they get here, and I get paid a better price..Do not worry, discount are not always help you to profit, 

    Good luck


    Le Balcon des Jasses, France

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    Le Balcon des Jasses

    Hi out there, hi hard working hostes..

    I get some good Opportunities from, and I use some of them, great. But to day I got one... Get more booking this season with a room discount on 40%, we will place you in top. 

    Ohhhhhh Great... If I have to give 40% and get more booking to my self, AND COMMISION to, HOW MUCH CONTRIBUTIONS are give??

    The Answer is?? N O T H I N G

    Sorry, I don't know anybody there can give 40% and 10% to Genius Booker, 15% to ?

    Yes I like to work, but if no booking one day, I go Fishing....

    Great day my friend


    Le Balcon des Jasses France

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