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    This is highly appreciated by Guests when they check in with professional inputs of the Host. I liked it.

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    we noticed that automatization leeds to lower level of reviews as guests coming to our type of accomodation do apreciate to meet humans instead of robots

  • Living on the property help me with this one. Guests like it that I'm here or someone else is here all the time, although we did have some odd requests to have all staff sent home because they wanted the whole place for themselves. Of course that was impossible as I live here and I am all the staff =))


    Zsolt -

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there,

    Our meet and greet situation is a huge aspect of all of our properties (Not just to be nice, but also to get all the forms signed etc.). We have large vacation resorts, so self-serve isn't really an option. Can you imagine having lots of guests who all have questions and who all need to be trusted to sign the forms? We have a large reception area with welcome drinks, friendly and knowledgable/local receptionists which we maintain really well at every single resort. First impressions and all. 

    Then we have our Public relations sectors host a Meet and Greet - welcome braai on one of the nights, for which all guests get an invitation to in their welcome pack upon check in. This gives all guests some face time with all staff that are able to make it. (Public relations departments and reservations are obligated to join, the resort managers and HOD's swing by if they have time. Some cleaning staff even!).

    If I were at a B&B though, I would do what you were doing. Make sure I at least welcome them on the day of arrival. . maybe show them where the light switches are etc. So they don't feel like they're walking into someone else's house and are invading their privacy. 

    LOL Zsolt, I'll send you a tent so you can go camping when your guests want the place to themselves. But I won't be able to replace everything they will steal while you're away :-P


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    Although we have a night-watch we still like to greet guests ourselves even into the wee hours, that usually means me as Mrs fluff needs to get up early for breakfasts.

    Equally important is saying goodbye to the guests as well, their last impression is your gratitude and a "bon-voyage".

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    Ours is just a small B&B so our welcome is always in person to our guests.  If we see them pull into the courtyard, we will go out to meet them as they get out of the car, help them bring luggage to the house and make enquiries as to how their journey has been.

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    I agree meet and greet works well for us too.

    And when they know that we live in the house when its not booked, I think guests respect your house more.

    However we are not there to say goodbye but ask the guests to txt us when they leave. We do have outside cameras and can see them as well. This is security for us, in case a furniture truck arrives. HA HA

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    Kathleen Davenhall

    Meet  and greet and leave and say was everything alright - we live on the premises so both are easy to do - we have a high level of excellent reviews which is in part due to this practise 

    Kathleen Davenhall


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    Aaltje B.

    We have the same situation and yes greeting guests and do some small talk will help them to feel at ease. Our farm is big, so it is easy to get lost. With a little explaining and guidance, it soon looks a lot more familiar.

    We noticed that most people love to express their thankfulness after staying. Especially when they enjoyed the tips, the bed or just listening to the birds. 

    Some guests do like their privacy and that is a matter of "feel", which you will develop soon after doing the hosting for a few months. Hosting is quite an art, and if you are sensitive you will pick up the signs. Often when people arrive late it will be a quick check-in. So the early birds we find do try to connect for a chat more often and that helps us as hosts to feel relaxed too. It goes both ways. The cat and small dog often help guests to feel at home, although they are not allowed in the unit, seeing them outside is often enough reason for a smile, or telling a story about their own pets. 

    The "two or more days" guests are typically more "nosy" And that is totally fine! Our situation allows for that. 

  • I believe that guest still need personal touch from us.

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    We make a point of having a glass of wine or a beer or some tea or coffee with our guests most every evening! We have found that they really love it! IIt is really part of why we are doing Bed and Breakfast! We are retired from our other life and do not need the money so we are just having fun meeting people and sharing cultures. I know most of you are definetely not in this position, however try it because your ratings and your return customers will increase!!

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    My business is small and my guests live with me and we get many solo travellers and they enjoy a nice cup of tea and a chat. There are very few guests that don't interact especially if they stay more than a night.I have met some extraordinarily interesting people who often share their story, you can never judge a book by its cover. I had one guest send me a message to say he was really disappointed that he did not meet me ( had surgery and had to lie flat so stitches would not burst ), I take it as a huge compliment. The human touch I hope will never be replaced.

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    We offer both - guests can choose between self check-in (keysafe) or face to face checkin at the office.  About 60% choose self check in, which surprised me a bit but gives me more time for "me" not having to wait around.  I do check on them and made sure all is OK via text message and make sure they know we are here if they have any questions or need anything.  

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    Hi everyone!

    My units are located just across airport in Manila. All of our guests need a place to rest between flights. Imagine, they just had 14 hour flight from Europe or USA and next day they have to fly to the islands.

    So, many of them are so exhausted and tired after the flight that they would not appreciate that much our Meet & Greet

    Katerinka12 Perharp you can provide alternative service such as welcome drink with fresh towel, wake up call, flight change alert.
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    Thanks, Bandara (both for your activity on the forum and reply to my comment). That goes without saying! In fact, my guests have a personal manager that is always around the area. They address all their concerns to her. I communicate with guests prior to their arrival. Some guests communicate with me several months in advance to their stay. When the guest leaves, I still follow up if everything is ok with him and did he like everything. That's why we got Superhost status on Airbnb.

    By the way, here is my thought. Guests from Airbnb tend to like more Meet & Greet. As Airbnb is meant more for communication between guests and hosts. Booking (which I personally like more) makes relationships more official, where decent distance is important and privacy respected.

    What do you think?

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    Judy Keuning

    I also meet my guests, take them to their room and point out a few things they should know about the property and their accommodation. I am always available to help or just for a friendly chat. The personal touch does help with better reviews. However there is a fine line between guest and host interaction - becoming too friendly and respecting privacy - and I agree a good host can read the signs.

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    I have never had a guest that I did not meet, but then, I have just one apartment so it's easy!

    Although I offer all guests complimentary coffee, tea, Jamaican hot chocolate, juices, snacks and fruit, my guests really like that I ask ahead of time if they'd like beer, wine or other fav drink when they arrive.They appreciate the consideration!

    Meeting them on arrival makes them feel really welcome and I show them all the amenities, especially how to use the washing machine! I also introduce them to our on location security man, so they are comfortable with their on the spot 'personal assistant'.





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    Leandri Klopper

    Hey Judy Keuning ,

    Fine point you have there, there is a super fine line. 

    It's so important to make sure that guests know what to expect before they arrive, and having an interactive meet and greet before they have settled in is such a good platform to meet or mould their expactations. If you do it right, you might even surpass their expectation, which is where the sweet spot lies. 

    Thanks for sharing!

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    Since my guests meet me long before arrival - I engage them about directions , send location and confirm some information just to keep in contact. They all are excited to meet me personally on arrival. Most of them we have long chats about the place and where they first heard about it. I get really good feedback during this very special time.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Yes I always welcome my guests even if they come late in the night. Since I leave downstairs it’s easier for me. All of them seem to appreciate it and they thank me for that. Of course I am also there when guests leave and always give them a personal gift from our garden that being Greek herbs almonds, olive oil etc. I think all of them love it.

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    Hi Chantal,

    Jamaican hot chocolate sounds so delicious. And you sound so positive as a person and host. Definitely you will have people in your place!

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    Lucky Pete

    We have apartments and always met our guests unless they arrive after midnight, in which case we catch up with them in the morning. It allows us to offer advice as to where to eat, supermarket etc and also our expectations around their behavior which is critical sometimes. We also do the same at check out asking for any feedback they can offer which is invaluable to us.

  • For me meet & greet my guest pay an important roll in  my  business.  It is important for the guest to meet the owner so they feel more comfortable.  

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    Thanks Katerinka, feel free to stop by in beautiful Kingston, Jamaica for the authentic hot chocolate! I've enjoyed reading these posts...I think we're an awesome bunch of hosts!! LOL

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    We always greet our guests in person and with a small welcome tray with cold, fresh juice and a cool, rolled hand cloth to refresh them following their journey. 

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    Thank you, Chantal,

    Jamaica is my dream destination. Its so expensive to go there and I am so far!

    Once I will become rich (he, he) I will knock at your door :) As of now, I just have to thank you for the invitation

  • I feel wonderfully comfortable if I meet my guests staying in my Apartments. I provide them with freshly ground coffee, milk, tea , water and sometimes a bottle of bubbly or wine when they come to stay for their special occasion. 

  • In all circumstances, I always ask my guests if they have been in London before. If the answer is yes, I say  " Welcome Back "   If they say its my 1st time then I would give them all the information a first time visitor required.

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    Running a B&B is a very personal experience, for them and for you.  Use self check in only when it is essential to do so.  Get to know them, let them get to know you.  Everyone will be more comfortable.

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