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    Complimentary breakfast?

  • @fluff - That is already available.

    One promotion that could work really well is packaged services.

    For example these ideas:

    - Valentine's day special: Room + romantic room setup + champagne and chocolate selection

    - 1st of May Labour day special: Room + barbecue prepared in the afternoon

    - New Year's Eve special: Room + drinks + champagne + festive buffet

    There are quite many combinations that could be done and having to be able to add custom items would be really awesome. Guests could also book these as rates with "inclusions", for Channel Manager integrations.

    Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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    Really, where's that hidden?

    I tried to set this up before, couldn't find it, asked BDC and they said it was not possible as a promotion of that name or function, I could only discount by equivalent amount under "Custom..." and have an internal name only of Free Breakfast, it would not show to web searchers as that, OR, discount a "Room with Breakfast" room rate.


  • Thanks for your post, Bandara Group. This is a great topic.

    Hi Zsolt, love these these promotional ideas. Maybe you could start a new thread about creative hotel packages? 

  • @Laura - I'm just here for a few minutes, still hectic schedule so I'll be back to work and off the forum for a long while.

    @fluff - There isn't an option, however it is inclusive here:

    That's when you are part of the Genius program.


    Zsolt -

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    Thanks for the reply Thuild.


    I had found that one but as you know it's only for Genius members, a smallish percentage of my guests at the moment but I guess a targeted offer could possibly change that.

    So, using a broader brush for this offer, in name and function, isn't possible. Would be nice especially as other OTAs DO offer it.......come on BDC = parity opportunity! 

  • @Laura @fluff @Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)


    Thank you for sharing comment and idea.

  • @fluff For Complimentary ABF, if you not using Genius function. You can also ask your Account manager to put marketing same way as value add for you. But you will need to create new plan if you offer this complimentary abf for certain travel period.



  • @Thuild - Your world of creation (franchise)


    Yes, I agree for package function. In the old day did have AB test about this but it seem like they fond that it not worst for them to have this function. We hopefully that they will reconsider again.

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    Yes, I'm aware of that and actually commented the same on another thread. Thanks anyway.

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    I do get good reviews, but why do guests give a score of 7.5 when in their written messages e.g. comfort, they praise the comfort?

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    Because the rating system is as clear as mud! As stated in other threads.
    Add to that guests have different ideas on scoring.
    e.g. they liked your breakfast BUT was it the best breakfast they've had anywhere at any price?
    I personally think many guests rate you relative to world experience regardless of value.
    I liked my 3 star hotel but it was not as nice as my 5 star last time, ( that cost 4 times as much) so just a 7.5 for them.

  • @Jennyharris @fluff, I do agree with @fluff. Sometime  guest review is really depend on their travel experience and expectation. Anyway we have to keep up all the good work that we did and try to customize to meet each guest expectation as much as we can.

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    Thanks Fluff - I agree with you rating system is definitely not clear

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