How often do you change the linen for guests?

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    Lesley Lusty

    For shorter stays, we do not change the linen - but generally for longer stays, we change the linen and towels every 4 days.


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    Jerry Larder

    As we are in the Tropics, we change towels daily and bed linen every three days. We do have some guests who actually request that we do not service their room, but politely tell them that they must have a cleaner come into the room every day to check that amenities are replenished and bins are emptied. On the third day the linen gets changed.

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    Udakanda Villa

    Very simple, have a note asking guests to be aware of the environment. Then change linen and towels strictly every 3 or 4 days, depending on stay length.

    If they stay for 3 or 4 days, don't change.

    If they stay 5 days, change after 2 days

    6 days, after 3

    7 days after 3

    8 days after 4

    9 days after 3 and 6

    10 after 3 and 6

    11 after 3 and 4; etc etc.

    And of course if they ASK for an extra change (never yet!), of course change :)

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    I have the same issue as my guests are usually 3 days maximum.  If they are staying longer I just ask 'do you want the bedding or towels changed?'.  People usually say no as they are only staying a day or 2 longer.

    I also have a comment in the information pack that 'rooms are not serviced for short stays'.  Obviously I keep an eye on the rooms but it sets an expectation.

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    With my guest staying here now for 7 days I also just told them there is a clean set available so just let me know when you are ready lol xxx tx dear xx


  • Hi Moira, thanks for your post :)

    Check out this conversation happening about Daily Room Service and feel free to jump in with your own tips!


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    Changing linens between guests is a MUST and we take it very seriously. We use professional laundry services. We offer to change lines as often the guest wants. Most people will not like to change them everyday. Most guests would just ask for additional towel set. There is super small charge for it. For changing linens we do not charge anything at all. We do not give long term discounts as our area in a high demand. Personally I think linens should be changed every 5 days.

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    I put fresh towels in the bathrooms everyday. If a guest stays 3 or more days, I would supply more towels and ask if you wanted a change of bed linen, nobody has taken up the offer yet- PHEW

    (I hate ironing and as a one person show, I get to do it all )

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    Dr. Hanaa Attia

    I have short stays also for one or two days..for them if the linen still clean
    I can leave it for 3to 5days. Unless the guest asked for change ....the guest in EGYPT likes that u Change it for him on coming and don't believe that it is changed so sometimes my staff put the clean linen on the bed down and the old one is still there if he needs change they change in front of him)(always they ask for change)...or immediately if it become apparent unclean even after one day...

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    Hi, I consider 4 days is a maximum for changing both linen and towels for long stays. I usually have short stays 1 or 2 days, so it is obvious that after every guest bed linen and towels are changed and in great condition, my phylosophy is to do the cleaning as nobody had been in my apartment before. When I'm using hotel or apartment services presonally do really enjoy the feeling as if I am the first guest at the place. 

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    Keba Wilson

    Hey change my linen when guest leaves I put enough sheets for them to change..they never ask me to change there linen.

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    M Ev Lin

    I think For longer stay it will every
    3 days stay . Changes of everything lines and towels

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    Hi, I have just joined the forum and am adding my two cents.  The minimum stay at my property is three days but most of my guests book for a week or two and more. I initially left extra linen and towels but found that not all my guests were changing them regularly.  I therefore personally change all linen and towels every three days, but leave an extra change of linen and towels in the property just in case they wish to change a bit more often.   Our bed linen is also pre-laundered and ironed before the beds are made. - Anthea at The Pool House, Barbados

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    Our bedding is changed weekly with towels changed every three days. Both are subject to request - used towels are quite often placed in the shower for a change, never had a request for a bedding change yet!

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    Shikwari Game Reserve


    Linen change is an anomaly! Why is it that at home one changed sheets & towels once a week but guest get linen changed after 3 days?? We are very water conscious here in South Africa so for short stays they don't get a change and if they stay longer the weekly but that doesn't happen too often. We are not connected to municipal water and only have two bore hole. I of cause change if the linen is soiled or marked. I have had no complaints.

    Regards Sue

    Shikwari Game Reserve, South Africa.


  • Enquiries Well, I think because pay for service and they are expecting that linen should be change along with other hospitality service. But for your hotel if you have letter/card explain to guest about water conscious, I am sure that most of them are well understand. And will help on this.

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    M Ev Lin

    Udakanda-Villa your board sound better for me. Still do the changes every two days.
    This chat is very helpful. Thank you guys.

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    For my villa in Greece we change the linen and clean every 4 to 5 days and of course when we have shorter stays after the guests leave. Usually when the guests stay for 5 to 6 days they only want new towels.

    We do provide many clean beach towels as well because many tourists here take the white hotel towels to the beaches/ swimming pool and then they become so dirty you will need buying new ones.

    However even if they don't want it, I absolutely insist that I clean the villa and change the beds at least once a week because otherwise it will be an absolute mess and will take a lot of time, cost and trouble to get it ready for our next guests.

    If you are a small business it's a disaster financially to change the linen every single day. It is also uneeded and I doubt it's something extra appreciated by your customers. Do people change their beds in their own house every day? You are better off in my opinion as a small business, investing the laundry money in other amenities that will impress and be appreciated much more by your customers like a great welcome basket etc.

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    RSA is a water scarce country! I agree with linen changes every 7 days and towels as  guests request. No extra charge of course!

    Regards, Antoinette. Makarios on Sea

  • Linens  and Towels.  I myself wash my linens, condition and iron them so I know that it is done properly.  My guests always comments how fresh & crunch smells my beddings and are very much appreciated because it is in home cleaned.

  • It is a MUST that when my guests leaves , towels  and  the beds must be stripped off immediately.

    When they stay for more than 1 week, I always ask them to change the beddings. Some guests do not want to be disturbed.

  • TOWELS?????  I always give my guests 2 towels each and  spare ones, too ,  Some guests change their towels every day.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Linens and towels. Of course immediately after checkout all linens are stripped off and washed by me. Drying under the shining sun gives them a sensational feeling. Ironing is also made by me personally. Guests appreciate it and thank me for the freshness. Some of my guests also do their laundry in my home downstairs.

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    When guests check out ALL linen and mattress covers are striped and send to the laundry who does the washing, drying and ironing. Towels are changed every day but bed linen every 4 -7( max) days depending on the length of their stay.

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    I change linen every third day and towels every other day, pick up the garbage and make the beds, clean the bathroom every day, as we are on an island most of my guests are summer vacationers with kids you can imagine the number of toys and sand they bring with.  this way we check the room every day if the there is a damage, something missing, so far I am satisfied 


    Vasileia Ftochogianni

    Lemnos, Greece

  • Most of my guests stays in any of my Apartment from 1 to 3 days.  I make their beddings, supply clean towels and change when they leave for the next guests.  But when my guests stays more than 3  days, I supply a reservation of bedsheets and towels. I do not disturb  but to allow their privacy and feels it is their home away from their home .  I always tells them if they need me to call me. But at times in depends upon my guest:  I DO SPOT CHECK MY APARTMENT.

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    you can go in the room when they leave to go for a walk or site seeing, I do not think they stay in the room all day, this way you respect their privacy and their room is always clean and in order, that my opinion 

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    sorry...guests who stay longer than 3 days xx


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    Tx Lesley that sound good to me too xx

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    We have a self-catering apartment when our guests arrive I show them where the extra towels and linen are kept and they then just decide themselves when they want clean sets.  More often than not they do not change as they normally stay for a max of 4 nights.

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