Special Offers or incentives for returning guests

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    M Adamopoulou

    It’s my first year but I think that if my best guests make a reservation for next year I will offer them a small discount or a night free showing my appreciation for choosing my place again.

  • For return guest, we do offer extra discount or offer value add to them.

  • We also prepare nice welcome back card and try to arrange the same room as same time they stayed.

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    I think thats a brilliant idea and we would offer a discount should there be a way booking.com could feature it (as a button) as the easier they make it possible the better for time strapped hardowrking owners

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    N Andela

    Is it possible to offer a retiring client a special price for a certain time period in the future?



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    I agree with Crockcockwood, it would be great to have returning guests identified by Booking.com when they book. A button would give them an exclusive discount.



  • Yes a button for exclusive discount, and remark on booking details for hotel reference, so we can be prepare something special for return guest.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Yes I like the  button returning guest with an exclusive discount.  It would be very helpful if such button could be  featured in our listing so returning guests can see it when searching. A very attractive promotion...

    Great idea guys....

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