Question of the Week: Apps for managing your property. Which ones do you use?

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  • We really don't have much app technology here. Would love to see idea from other country. But for Pulse app I did try it and not really like to be honest.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hello Laura yes I use Pulse app. I use it all the times because most of the time I'm on the go.

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    Thomas (Austria)

    We only use pulse. Had some channelmanagers before, the only useable one for us was As i have no other OTAs then now, i also stopped using channelmanagers.

    The calendar in pulse is very easy to use and also changing rates and restrictions (except latest checkin time) is easiest to set.

    If pulse would allow to print too, it would be a perfect 10 for me.

    And another wish for pulse: i have around 50% walk in guests - i close the sold rooms with the pulse app (very fast and easy) but would also like to enter the walk in guests name in the app.

    When i print out the room list for that day, it would include also walk in guests names



  • Pulse is realy a great app and I love id very much Very easy to manage on your phone.

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    Vera lloyd Farmilo

    Pulse is great. Bookings come on my phone via Pulse with a special ding.If you are out and about and have meetings to go to straight away you can block out your rooms.Reminders via the phone are great.I wouldn't be without it.

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