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  • Popular Question -  ask a question that receives 50+ comments

  • Nice Answer  - your comment receives at least 10 votes

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    Laura, Community Manager

    Einstein - your comment gets at least 20 votes 

  • Enthusiast - visit the Partner Forum for 30 consecutive days

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    M Adamopoulou

    Laura all of your comments are very interesting.  I vote for all of them and are looking forward to them.

     As a partner mentioned, a long time ago, in one of my posts,  most of us do not even bother to give a thumbs up (much less say thank you) to anybody who answers our question or at least contributes something useful. Have a thumbs up).

    My suggestion for badges: Answer to 20 questions  and get 1 badge.



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    just try for new

  • Thanks M, I like your badge idea about answering 20 questions! You've got my vote :) 

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    M Adamopoulou

    Thank you Laura. I love votes and thumps up.

    Awaiting for the new badges to come alive.

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    I like M Adamopoulou 's idea for a badge BUT I would make it conditional. If the answer is voted as the successful answer to the original question then smack it with a badge! So a mix of this idea and one of Laura's.

    Alternatively. could the badge contain a cumulative number? Thus displaying how many of your answers are voted as actually useful.

    Simple answers like "Oh yeah, I thought that too"  or "yes that's been bugging me as well" etc. would then be negated from the badge.

    Maybe this could be coupled to a nag/reminder for the OP to react to the answer(s) given?


    We also have a few members here that have offered/advertised services of various types to the community, maybe another similar badge, again with cumulative number, voted by those who have used the service and liked it.

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    M Adamopoulou

    fluff I agree with your suggestions. Of course simple answers should be excluded.

  • Thanks fluff, great suggestion for voting for the best answer, which then gives the member a badge. Stay tuned! 

    And thanks M for the reminder that we should always show our support 👍🏻

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    M Adamopoulou

    Laura,  I strongly believe that when a team works well together as a unit they are able to accomplish more than its individual members can do alone.

    One for all and all for one....

    Hope more partners give their suggestions....


  • how about badge for people that join this forum like 3yrs, 5yrs...

  • And badge for top contributors. It can be for who on top list for more than 5 or 10 times. Or who been on top list for four time in a roll etc.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Bandara Hotels & Resorts Both your suggestions are great but I like the first more. It needs too much effort to be in a forum for so many years.
    Have a sunny day all...

  • The badge for top contributors ideally to push all partner in forum to be more active.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Yes I understand that. Partners have to be more active. We need as much info as possible to upgrade our accommodations and make guests appreciate what we are doing for their pleasure.
    Thanks for your feedback Bandara...
    Your contribution to this forum is vital....
    Have a magnificent day....

  • Thanks you too.

  • Thanks for your suggestion Bandara! Your level (the little green number on your photo) represents the number of contributions that you've made, but I agree that we could illustrate this with badges too. Maybe a badge if you've been on the leaderboard 5 times? 

    Loving all of these ideas, thanks everyone :)

  • Yes Laura, I think that badge idea should be award to partner that work hard in this forum. But it also how can we encourage all partner to be more active and want to collect all badge.


    Some badge should be easy to collect to motivate new partner and some badge must be really special one for partner that work really hard.

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    M Adamopoulou

    Well said-Bandara-Hotels-Resorts you are absolutely right. Awarding is always welcomed.  At this time of a year I have plenty of time to share my thoughts here in the forum. I like searching and finding the answers helping  other partners. Actually this really helps me. I use  the Partner Forum to learn and exchange ideas.  As a newbie I couldnt have done it without the help of this forum.... 

    Leaders never stop learning....

  • Thumbs up x 1000 to M :) 

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    M Adamopoulou

    Hello, Laura

    Thank you very much. Nice to hear from you and have a marvelous  day.

    Take care....

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