How do you handle security deposits?

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    chiara guglielmetti

    I charge my guest a deposit upon arrival and refund it at check out as I prefer to be safe than sorry. Having said that up to know I never had an issue that required me to keep part of it but I guess it depends on the conditions you have for your properties. I apply common sense when a guest breaks something depending on the value of the item and circumstances (e.g. I do not charge a guess for a broken plate or glass) 

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    Chad Davis

    I also feel that it's perhaps too complex, and perhaps a turn-off, for the guests. I take the risk and do not request for a security deposit. (If Payments by would also handle deposits for me, then I might go with that approach). If I needed more security, I would be more interested in an insurance (which would perhaps cause me to raise my prices).

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    Matthew Brooks

    Hello, we used to charge security deposits and met very little resistance to this.  In my view, having the security deposit gives an incentive to those who may be more carefree with your place to look after it.  However, we now no longer charge the security deposit but pre-authorise it on the guest's card.  This has been welcomed by guests and still gives us the same protection.  It is extremely rare that we have cause to claim on the security deposit.

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    Tony Clout

    Hi guys. Are handling security deposits now? I know that trip advisor and AirBnB do it for the hosts and refund after the guests stay subject to no claim being made. It would make life a lot easier for hosts if this could happen.


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    Elizabeth Lockwood

    I don't take one. Too much hassle. I do leave a welcome note with a few "pointers" and meet and greet. Eye contact can be important. I also have private STS insurance. Important to get the "right" one

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    Being new to, how is insurance applied here?

    If there is a major damage to the property, how is it handled by

    I understand that the risks is pretty high for this platform.

    I just had a NO SHOW yesterday (6nights), I turned down 5nights booking for AirBnB, to take my very  first reservation with - only to be taken for granted by a client, who did not give the correct telephone #, no Zip Code, despite 3 messages i sent for check-in details - they never responded and I wasted my whole day waiting for this guests....

    I have another booking today, very short notice, I will give it another try and keep my fingers crossed!

    I just feel that this platform may be quite risky unlike VRBO + AirBnB with at least 1Million liability insurance. My home is worth 3m, so just being on the cautionery side here.

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    I collect a credit card to hold on file during the guests stay.  I 'verify' the card, but do not formally charge any amount.   Upon departure I shred the form.  

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    Liz M Lockwood

    Curious. How do you verify a card without charging it? I have a lot of guests who use a debit card which doesn't necessarily have any funds.

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    My credit card processing company (converge) has an option to 'verify' a card.  I put in a $ amount and if it's a debit card, they place a 'hold' on the funds.  A credit card will only verify that they have that credit limit available.  If it comes back declined I tell them they have to use a different card.

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    I'm using Payments by which has been a pretty good experience so far. I list damage deposit on my listing, but have never actually collected it. Things went pretty well so far, but I feel like I'm putting myself at more risk with Payments by not automatically collecting and refunding that amount – and with not offering insurance for e.g. vandalism.

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    I am not always at the cottage, so have a self check-in system. Unless I get a photo of the guest ID, and bank transfer of £50 for the damage deposit, the guest does not get the key security details. Works well for 98% of guests who read my ‘important information’ and ‘polocies’. For others who book online in a hurry, they are surprised when I ask for it. We have very slim profit margin, and this ‘insurance’ has proven invaluable in the past. Unfortunately yesterday a guest swore and threatened me in my own home, not happy! Seeking a better solution :(

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