What credit card processor do you use?

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    Hi Flcm28,

    Thanks for posting. This is a common question among partners, so we created a detailed article to walk you through "How can I change my payment preferences and which cards I accept?".

    Enjoy the read :)

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    Chad Davis

    I was not willing to get involved in working with a credit card processor. This was a limitation for me working with Booking.com. I am now using the "Payments by Booking.com" to receive all guest payments. I'm a big fan of this approach for the sheer simplicity. I also don't need to make any separate invoice payment, as I simply receive the net income transferred to my bank account from Booking.com.

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    Anna J, London

    I am also on Payments by Booking and this works brilliantly as no need for credit card facility! It did take a long time to get it, years...

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    Mcdonald Mary

    I receive payments by Booking but they pay very late and that has been a problem for me. A reservation from December 28th last, I only was paid 15th Feb. I'm looking to changing to taking CC payments


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    My payments by Booking.com is not working. How do I fix my setting on payment options? Kindly somebody help me.

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    I'm on payments by Booking.com but it's still making me charge the guests credit card. What setting do I need to fix on my policy?

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