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    Erin Weigel

    There are a couple of tools that Booking offers to increase ranking in the search results.

    One is called "Visibility Booster", which allows you to target specific traveler types by increasing your commission rate to whatever you see fit. 

    The other is to become part of the Preferred Partner's Program. There's a page with more information in the extranet to see if your property is eligible. You need to have a certain level of review score as one of the requirements from my understanding. This also comes with paying a slightly higher commission for the increase in exposure. 

    Both of these options can be found in the "Opportunities" tab found in the main navigation. 

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    My apartment was not eligible to get into preferred program because its performance was on 50% and it is needed to be 70% to enter the program. I boosted my ranking by doing good promotions for guests - the reservations started getting in faster then before and the performance of my property increased. 

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    My visibility booster is capped and I cannot increase it.... while you can be eligible inthe preferred partner program if you meet 3 criteria: performance, pricing and rating score. The latter is up to every hotelier while the other 2 are completely arbitrary and evaluated independently by There is no chance becoming a preferred partner if does not want to... no clear rules how pricing and performance are calculated. There new properties that on the same day they open doors are eligible to be preferred partners and others that struggle everyday at their maximum sales efficiency that are can try but my advice is do not base your strategy on this 2 tools...

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    • the order of appearance depends on various factors such as best available price (single/double occupancy), participation in Genius, room availability, content & review score, search criteria (no of rooms & guests), pricing setup, and booking conversion rate (which property is most popular in turning lookers into bookers for that day) - just to name a few.
    • although Preferred partners get ideal rankingstatus, any property using the Visibility booster tool or who has activated "Deal of the day" (-40% discount); may also appear among Preferred partners in guest search results 
    • a guests previous search history criteria is also filtered to display the most relevant property according to their liking
    • all of the aforementioned factors are used by an algorithm which then determines ranking of a property
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    Claudia Tercero

    I want to Know , if there any report, that Ca I see the raking about last year

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