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  • Hello Lynette,


    This is where a PMS software linked to a Channel Manager would come in handy, however, there is another way.

    You will need to ask to enable single occupancy, double occupancy, etc. on your room rates, so whenever someone searches for a room, they will get the right price.

    This will require a phone call, so just call the number you have in the extranet inbox section.


    Hope this helps. Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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    Elena Kurtser

    Nice one. Have a similar problem.





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    I have a similar problem. I rent out a property which comprises two Villas on one block. One villa has 2 bedrooms / bathrooms / lounge and kitchen and sleeps 4 people, the other Villa is also S/Contained and sleeps 2. I can also accommodate 2-3 more on mattresses.

    I had it setup on Booking as 1 room and changed to two rooms, but then 'lost' a booking when the total price came up double what I wanted to charge. (added two rooms). So I changed back to 1 room, which was ok except it wiped some dates I had BLOCKED.... !!!

    Now if i search as a guest looking for a place Booking it is showing sold out. And in the extranet is showing to have restrictions! How do I remove the restrictions?

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    Hi Beachlifehavens,

    Thanks for your post

    Perhaps this article from our Partner Help can help you figure our your settings around availability restrictions

    Hope this helps! 

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