i want to correct my form there is still some problem in my map address and room details and about my property information

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    Please can you remove Gardelades from my address as it’s in skiperon only and not GARDELADES

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    Good day,

    Thanks for your posts. For both these inquires you need to reach out to one of our service teams via your Extranet inbox. 

    Below are the relevant Help Center articles that can guide you in this process


    Hope this helps!

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    I have written to Booking.com on numerous occasions asking to change the entirely wrong location description.    The only reply I have had was that the location was correct.     I have had many cancellations when i have had to write to my bookings explaining that the location is wrong.   I am finding Booking.com very difficult to communicate with and the whole experience has been time consuming, frustrating and a complete waste of time.    In discussing the situation with the only guest that actually turned up, they also complained that their refunds have been very long in coming and the last experience only succeeded when they told their bank that there was fraudulent activity on their account when Booking.com removed the money twice from their account and would not answer their complaints.  it took two months to retrieve their money yet it was removed from their account in an instant.    I am very close to cancelling my property from their website.

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    I have same problem. It’s impossible to find any one to help.

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    My property ID is (old no ) and name is VISHAL HOMESTAYS. The nearest Airport shown in my address is Belgaum which is 1000 kilometers away and is wrong. The nearest Airport to my homestay is Calicut International Airport, which is only 25 kilometers away from my homestay. I am likely to lose tourists because of listing wrong information, My request to booking.com is to immediately amend my nearest Airport to CALICUT INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT, KERALA.

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    Hi all,

    Thanks for your posts. Don’t forget, this space is all about sharing your expertise with others.

    Since this isn’t something fellow partners can help you with, the quickest way to get help would be to send a message through your extranet inbox.

    Good luck with everything,

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    Very frustrated as I can not work out how to edit my listing!!!! ???

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    Please can you amend my listing; distance to the airport terminal is 1 kilometre, not 10 kilometres as in your incorrect description. The property is just by the end of the airport runway. 

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    Jean Michael

    Please don't include 'Dickenson Bay' in my property address.  I don't know how it crept in there, but my property is not on Dickenson Bay.

    Thank you,


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    Dear sir ,

    Please i need your help check map address and my property description i gave everything about my property but they gave all wrong information 

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