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    Veronika Group

    Unfortunately, only thing intresting to guests is ‘how far away from the city center they are’. I tend to believe that is what they think of when B.com asks them to rate the location. It is always frustrating to see this affect your review score, but at the moment there is nothing we could do. I do hope they change this soon. Sometimes our guests’ review scores are low because they are complaining about a nearby restaurant service, etc. which is definitely out of our control. I figured guests sometimes think that the review they are writing is about their stay overall (accommodation+destination review) which it is definitely not. I do hope you excell in other parts so that location reviews won’t make a difference. :)

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    Sue Norris56

    Hi George.

    Just seen your post as I was looking specifically for a comment on this subject! I know EXACTLY how you feel!! I have the same problem. The last review I had marked my location as 7.5... I responded and left a message saying that I would urge ALL guests to check the location ON THE MAP PROVIDED before they book... don't suppose anybody will take any notice though?? My overall score is 9.8 and I've had that for quite some time as I do provide a really good service and I would hate to drop below that because some idiotic person can't read a map!!!!

    Best of luck and kind regards,


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    Hello everyone,

    Hi George, I completely understand, George. I have the same issue.

    Hi Veronika Group, it seems to me no matter how many 10s I get in other departments, location rating brings them all down.

    I sincerely hope Booking.com helps out by REMOVING the Rating for location. Provide the location, yes, but NO rating.

    Hi Sue, I am going to take your advise and write to guests to READ maps & directions before booking.

    @Booking. com, pleeease look into the matter. I can't move my house to please the guests ;)


    Best regards,


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    Dear Veronica,

    you write "there is nothing we could do". 

    I think we could ask Booking.com to remove criteria "location".

    Who is with me?

    Best regards Mihaela, 

    p.s. last week I have get 2,5 for location!

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    Thanks to everybody that responded to my original 'gripe.'  I have indeed raised this matter with Booking.com and this was their reply -

    Dear partner,

    Thanks for getting in touch with us.

    I can understand your frustration with the location review category but this is part of our reviews and I am not aware of any planned changes to the way we handle the reviews. 

    Unfortunately there is nothing we can do in regards to this topic.

    Thank you for working with Booking.com.
    Best regards,

    Benjamin G.
    Booking.com Partner Support Team
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    Sue Norris56

    Hi George.

    Thanks for posting. I sent them an email as well and got nearly the same response. But this morning I sent another email asking if the location could be put into "additional reviews" along with WIFI, te/coffee, etc. I'll let you know what response I get to this.

    Best wishes,


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    Hi Everyone,

    I was just about to write to Booking to ask what criteria goes into the "location" rating as sometimes guests give my property a less than perfect score which is quite frustrating given that I advertise as a Golf Villa and :-

    1. my property is a front-row villa overlooking the golf course


    2. inside the golf resort

    So I can't quite understand what is being evaluated ! Could it be the distance from the villa to the clubhouse (in a golf cart) ? It's so frustrating !!


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    Millican Wendy

    Hi everyone, I just came across this post whilst trying to find out what the criteria is for the guests scoring the location, they're almost scoring themselves as they choose the location.  I'm getting lots of 10's but often get a 7.5 for location, as you say above there's not much we can do as hosts which is really frustrating when our overall score is damaged because of it.  I like Sue's idea, I'd almost be able to reach a near perfect score ... maybe Booking.com use it to water things down.

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