Kindness does not pay

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    Most unfortunate circumstance. YES stick to your rules, then everyone knows where they stand or at least they can be found to verify. Many people do not read information either before arrival or during their stay. You can never tell who is going to be a reasonable guest until you actually start talking to them which is sometimes difficult.

    Report the bad behaviour immediately and block the guests. I let people checkin after 6pm and they didn't arrive till midnight, with no appology or explanation and they left a mess.

    Won't be allowing this in future. Late checkin is allowed but I need to have a time.


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    Asad Chaudary

    I would take a bad review if it meant sticking to my principles and ejecting a guest for misconduct. But assuming you reported the guest to BDC for trying to check-out without paying, then they should never have been allowed to leave a review. 

    Kindness does pay, but there is a limit to how far you extend it.

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi there,

    Sorry to hear about your struggles Joey!

    It's quite a hot topic on the forum, the ability to leave a bad review when the guest has been marked for misconduct. 

    One thing though, how did you manage to send a message to the client via the extranet After the booking when the reservation goes grey after check out? 

    Keep well. 

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    Hi Leandri, I could send messages through extranet - even after they left and even after they had given me a negative review (6.3 is bad for me). In fact BDC contacted me and told me that I was breaking the rules by trying to influence guests to change a review. I was not telling them to change the review but telling them that apart from disobeying rules, causing a mess etc - they had left a mess and asked them how they could have judged the facilities etc., if they arrived after 3 am and left at 8 am. 


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    Asad Chaudray, I'm not really sure that just by reporting a guest you can stop them from leaving a review.

    This was confirmed by a BDC representative who called me about another two guests whom I reported. They did not want to pay a security deposit, managed to burn out a fridge (I will not bore you with the details).  But most serious of all they left leaving the front door wide open. They were not teenagers but a couple in their 6Os..

    I reported them and blocked them from further bookings and a BDC rep called me and asked me If I wanted to pursue the issue of the burnt out fridge motor. He also told me that that they could say that it was already not working when they arrived but still re asked me if I wanted him to follow up the matter. I told him that my fear was always bad reviews and his reply was: well you can explain what happened in your reply to the review but I told him that what matters is the score. 

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    Zorka AL

    Booking is not longer interested in us as they have many many Hotels and their business is running well. For me it is not acceptable that guest can behave like pigs and you have still to be polite because you are afraid of a bad review. If its proven that a guest damaged something, didn't´t pay or didn't´t show up - why doesn't booking then allow us to remove the feedback? A feedback should be the experience of a real guest who on the one hand got what he paid for, stayed and enjoyed and on the other hand didn't´t damage or violate the rules of his accommodation.. or am I wrong?

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    Zorka AL - Sometimes I get a lot of help from BDC while at other times some issues are not solved. But to be honest I am surprised that when they have huge hotels with 500 rooms or more, that they give a small business like mine so much attention. Things may be complex though. Some years ago I stayed at a hotel which I had booked through BDC (Before I signed up as a host myself) and told the receptionist that I was very happy with my stay - then told her that would be back for another stay. As an aside I asked her what was better for them - whether to book directly or through BDC and she said that it does not make any difference. So maybe bigger places have different arrangements. 

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    So did you manage to get their review deleted?

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    Zoinks  I just read your point about locking the front door. I do see your point. But I locked it from the inside with the key they did not get because they did not pay a security deposit - I also live in the same property. Accusations of false arrest are a little far fetched if it is my own house and I lock the front door from the inside while I am inside. The thought of an emergency does occur to me but I'm here to open the door. In a hotel I stayed in recently in my own country, I found the front glass doors locked when I tried to get out in the middle of the night to get something from my car. But a security person appeared when he heard me trying to open the door and just opened the door for me. 

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    Zoinks While I thank you for your point about locking the front door you've just reminded me of something else. Nowadays I show guests where the cut of switch for the electricity main to the whole house is and I also show them how to shut off water to the whole house. I always also tell guests where my bedroom door is, should they need something urgent at night. I follow this with large signs posted above the water and electricity mains. 

    Many years ago I had a German staying with me and his English was as bad as my German. He called me when I was away from the house and he was very excited about something which I could not understand. Luckily I was with a German speaking friend and I put him through to him. Apparently his water heater had developed a leak. I could have told my friend to tell him to just shut off the tap that supplies the boiler in his room. But I don't know what system they use in Germany so he was told to go and shut off the water main. That taught me to tell guests about these things. 


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