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  • Dear Tram,

    What are the instructions that you've received?

    Best regards,

    Zsolt -

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    Dear sir/madam
    Please focus on my question and help us to solve our problem meet. Before leaving messages, i reading and understand web help instructions on booking site.
    Until now I can't open our room on booking website. Closed from 30th April.
    Best regards
    Nguyen Tram

  • Dear Tram,

    We are a partner help forum, not BDC support.
    Therefore, if you're reluctant to give us more background info on your issue, we cannot help you.

    Did you close the room in the calendar or did you close the property itself?

    Shine a light on more details please.

    Best regards,
    Zsolt -

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    i am having this problem now. my account is even deleted whole imformation and all rooms. so that i create new ones, but i cant still open rooms for selling online

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