No responces and no bookings

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  • Dear Marian,

    If I'm getting this right, you only set availability for small periods of time?

    If so, you will not get many bookings for it, as whenever a property doesn't have availability, it will not be shown to possible guests searching for a place to stay, also you will be at the bottom of the list, because that's how algorithms work.

    My suggestion is to open up the whole year and work like that if you want something to happen.

    If this is not the way you wish to work, then better just rent it out long term to someone and not work as a hotelier. The industry is totally different and maybe not for you.


    Zsolt - 

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Marian,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Did you see the oppertunies list on your extranet? Maybe you can scratch there and see if something pops up that will help.

    I saw the One Day Live Video on Facebook oppertunity that they're running now. Basically if you decide to join in then you must offer up a specific date and give 30% discount on it, but people will only be able to make the booking on the 20th of June. (If I remember the date correctly).

    Go check it out!

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