How can I increase length of stay and decrease one night stays?

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    Leandri Klopper

    Hi Joey,

    Thanks for posting, attracting a specific clientelle is a very deep topic and I know many places that researches how to attract/dismay specific clients. 

    I wouldn't go so far as to tell you to hire such a company. I'm quite sure it's because of the airport, as you say, that this is happening to you. The only choice you have to make, in my opinion, is to decide to either force longer stays and lose out Bookings, or make the price higher per night and work harder with one night stays. People flying in for one day have enough money to pay a bit extra. 

    Honestly I don't know what I would have done in your situation but you sound very passionate about the property and the atmosphere it creates.... so you'll have to Maybe sacrifice that or enforce it? I'm sure the rest our partner will have lots of different opinions. 

    Keep well!

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    Hi Joey

    I understand how bad it can be your situation...

    Booking is very good to incitate you to keep more booking..

    I have a flat in a touristic area and usually I ask for a minimum of two three nights because it is an apartment, but Booking is telling me how many customers were looking for an accomodation in my area and they could not choose my apartment for my restrictions...

    I ask also a fix amount for the final cleaning  that is reasonable if you use the apartment for some days, but for a night  the guest should pay the standard rate plus the cleaning fee, nobody is coming fr a night but I havee to clean all the apartment anyway for the next guest...

    do you apply only the standard rate or also the cleaning fee?

    I was wondering what to do because Booking does not give the option of two different cleaning fee

    My best Regards


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    Hi Elena, thank you for your feedback I decided from the beginning to keep pricing simple. So instead of charging a cleaning fee I offer a discount if they stay for more than one night. The discount is not advertised, it just appears automatically in the final booking price. I already have problems with guests understanding and paying the damage deposit so I'd rather not make it more complicated.  I ask myself about the places I've stayed in in the past and what I liked about them, and for me, a clear price is very important so I think it is the same for other guests. 


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