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    Laura, Community Manager

    Hi there,

    Don’t forget, this space is all about sharing your expertise with others.
    Since this isn’t something fellow partners can help you with, the quickest way to get help would be to send a message through your extranet.

    Good luck with everything,


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    OHHHH !!! 

    I wish I could help you ... I AM IN THE SAME SITUATION - I THINK 

    I turned out to be 2 proberties I made... grrrrr :/// And I cannot find the DELETE THAT HEY ARE DESCRIBING IN "PROBERTY" AND IN "ROOM DETAILS"

    Frruuuuuuuustrating !

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     I need to be able to take my property off please can someone lead me to the correct channel or give me an email address.

    Can Someone help PLEASE

    My email address is


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    I too by mistake put the same property twice .i want to delete them both as i find the system too complicated for me to use right now .How can i take my propert out of this site?
    I wrote them an e.mail and there was no reply
    Can anyone help please

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